Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need More Entries!

So I have a few giveaways going on and I cant seem to get enough of entries. Its hard when I only have two entries for a giveaway.
Does anyone have any suggestions as how I could get more entries in my giveaways?


  1. Pick your own book giveaways or something highly anticipated.
    Network your blog if you don't already- blog hops, twitter, extra entries for giveaway to get the word out. Enter onto Win On Wed

  2. i just about to enter the giveaway, but too bad it need 'blog' to enter. As i don't have blog, i'm a reader :)

    maybe if you can open the giveaway to reader and blogger, and open internationally (use book depository it's free delivery worldwide), you will get tons of entries.

  3. Thanks for the tips!

    Mariska - I just edit it so that you will not need a blog to enter. Just out of curiousity how can you be a reader with out a blog?

  4. you can join this group on goodreads for people with blog and promote it in their comments section, and then bloggers who see it can promote it on their sidebar. you can twitter, and have people RT. you can also promote your giveaway with blogs that have posts with giveaways around the blogosphere

  5. This book blog thing is new for me. I love to read, win some books from blogs :)

    but posting reviews or else on my own blog, that i haven't done before.
    coz living outside US is so difficult to get a new book.

  6. Hi Ashley,

    I hear ya sister. I've had the same problem. There is a blog I follow that does a feature called "Low Entry Lowdown" I forget the blog name, but if you google those words, you might find her. Sometimes I submit my giveaways to her to post on her list. It lists a variety giveaways, not just books.

    The other thing I've done is tried to correspond my giveaways with days where people are hopping to my blog anyway to leave a comment, so they end up commenting on the giveaway post. LOL.

    I don't make people become followers or anything. I just ask them to leave an email address.

    Hope that helps. :) Now I'm off to find your giveaways...

  7. Have you tried Bookblog.ning it has a lot of groups that you can join to network your giveaway. Hope it helps!


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