Saturday, July 17, 2010

Etsy Shop Review: Sassy Britches

The other day I was glancing around Etsy and I came across the most adorable hairbows by Sassy Britches that I absolutely had to have! Here are two that I received:

These pictures really do not capture the fine details of these bows. I have inspected the bows all over and they are absolutely perfect. They are clean, and very detailed. I was most blown away by the pumpkin bow. It looks so amazing. Its 3D and really sticks out.

I know that when many of us were younger and used to dream about having girls of own; we would dream about all the little bows that could be put in their hair. That is if they have any, and if they don't then the momas can wear them. Sassy Britches also offers mongrammed lunchbags.

This is her shop announcement:

"We are new to Etsy and look forward to creating many beautiful things for your family to enjoy. Please check back frequently as we will be adding new items continuously. Your shipping costs will never exceed $10 no matter how many items you order. Thanks for looking! We are running a special on our precious 3D hairbows for all our special new customers. $3.00 each!

If you are interested in wholesale orders for the 3D hairbows, please ask for more information. Thanks!"

So for anyone out there who loves lunchbags and hairbows then I highly recommend to check out this shop! They are extremely helpful and will answer any questions that you have!


**Fine Print - This is my own personal opinion. No way was I forced to say what I said. I was not paid and all I received from this was a product to revieww and the artist's happiness!**

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