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{Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} Snappi

The Snappi® Diaper Fastener revolutionized cloth diapering! Over 40 million have sold worldwide. It is an EASY to use fastener that offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper, replacing the diaper pin. It comes in a variety of colors and is made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby.
Snappi®s WORK BEST with Snappi® terry cloth diapers, cotton prefolds (Chinese or DSQ), and other cloth diapers with a loose enough weave for the Snappi to hook into. They DO NOT work well flannel or any other tightly woven diapers, even most hemp diapers.

The Size 2 Snappi® is longer across the top ‘T’ of the Snappi®. Once stretched correctly, the Snappi® fastener can stretch 4” further across the width than the Size 1 Snappi®. It comfortably fits up to a 30” waist. Although this depends largely on the size and shape of the toddler, we recommend trying the Size 2 – Toddler Snappi® for toddlers aged 18 months+


Back in the “older” days, everyone who thought of cloth diapering, thought of the flats, and safety pins. So you could imagine my shock and surprise when I came across the Snappi fastener. This is such a neat idea, and honestly I sorta wished I would have invented it :]

Not only is is easy and so much more less dangerous than the safety pins, but it is also cute, and adds much flair to the old boring flats.

The Snappi is…

Safer than pins, reliable, durable, economical and easy to use and wash.

I was sent the following size 1 {blue} Snappi.


Instructions on back of package…

The instructions above could not be any more easier to understand. Before you use, you need to stretch a few times so that it can reach its full potential. You then go from one side to the other and then pull the middle down so that it looks like a Y.

The Snappi now features an extra stretchy Snappi material behind the teeth that can be pulled over and provide more safety for those little fingers.

- Make sure to always use a cover when using the Snappi
- Keep out of reach of children
- Don’t use Snappi for more than 6 months
- Don’t leave in direct sunlight
- Don’t use on a toddler who can take their diaper on and off

As you can see there are so many more pros for the Snappy then the old timey diaper pins, but the most important feature to me is the fact that it is safe for baby and for mama!


Buy IT! Buy your very own Snappi for your diapering needs at a retailer near you {RV $3.95}.

WIN IT! One lucky reader will win the orange Snappi above included in a diaper package over $185 on May 1st!

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{Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} Zephyr Hill


First of all this is one of my most favorite blogs! Not only do I like the colors, but I also like the wonderful Anne that runs the blog! Here is more about her…

Anne Sweden is a wife and mother of 5 who lives a very full life in the country with home schooling, hobby farming, cooking and blogging about her love of cloth diapering at Zephyr Hill. Besides blogging, Anne also owns an online consulting business where she helps pick great names for businesses, products and even farms & ranches!

Anne has been so kind to offer a Thirsties Duo Diaper to the giveaway package.


More about the diaper…

The popular Thirsties Duo Diaper is designed to be comfortable, waterproof and super cute! The inner lining is a breathable and soft microfleece which pulls moisture away from your baby’s skin. And the exclusive “Duo” inserts are made from two layers of serged microfiber terry that are snapped together with five layers of hemp jersey. This super soft and absorbent combo will keep your baby comfy and dry for hours. And there’s no need to reach in your hand to pull out the soiled inserts; they agitate out of the openings in the wash. Plus, the soft leg and waist bindings will protect your baby from red marks. And you’ll appreciate the fold over laundry tabs which protect the aplix closure and lengthen the life of your diapers.

Buy IT! You can buy your very own Thirsties Duo Diaper {RV $18.50}

WIN IT! One winner can come back tomorrow on May 1st for their chance to win a prize package valued at 185! Including this diaper.

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{Mother's Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} Rockin’ Green Soap

Rockin' Green

Rockin’ Green is an award-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to make cleaning easier and greener. Most well-known for their clean-rinsing laundry detergent formulated for use on all fabrics and especially useful on cloth diapers, Rockin’ Green produces detergents for hard, soft and normal water conditions (known as Hard, Soft and Classic Rock varieties).

Rockin’ Green also carries Funk Rock, a first-of-its kind natural ammonia bouncer, and Melody, an odor-neutralizer and air freshener home spray. With the exception of Funk Rock, all products come in seven natural scents, such as Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Earth Wind & Orchids, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies (unscented).

Rockin’ Green was founded in 2009 by Kim Webb, an avid cloth diapering mom who desired a better way to clean cloth diapers and treat her kid’s sensitive skin.

I was sent Classic Rock: Rage Against the Raspberries to try out.


When asking around my CD mommy groups, on which detergent to use, I was highly recommended to use Rockin Green. I heard that it was the best to use and really does the diapers justice.

I really love the smell of the detergent that I got! It has the smell of raspberries, but not so much that it overwhelms you. Another awesome aspect of the detergent is the feel of it. It reminds me of powdered sugar.


After you open your package and savor the scent, then you put in your detergent, and diapers.


I love the way this detergent suds up in the washing machine. I am one of those people who have to see suds in my washer. I guess it assures me that my clothes are getting actually getting cleaned. Rockin Green takes the dirtyness out of the diapers and replaces it with the fresh smell of Raspberries.

Rockin’ Green Soap – Classic Rock is for those whose water is neither too soft nor too hard but who still wants an eco-friendly detergent that works well. This classic formula will work
hard to get out the stink and keep soap scum residue at bay. It is clean rinsing and safe for sensitive skin. It’s perfect for washing all your laundry. No need for a separate detergent for baby either. Dye-free – No fillers – No enzymes – No optical brighteners – 100% phosphatefree

Rockin’ Green is made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients, which means it’s kind to our planet and your baby’s skin too. Ingredients:  sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, and natural fragrance oils (unless unscented).

Sizes: Small - 45/90 loads; Large - 90/180 loads
Price: Small - $13.95; Large - $22.95 (Price per wash is about $.13 per load!)

Another AWESOME thing about Rockin Green is that I can be used for your normal laundry needs. Not just diapers. They also have Femme Rock – for mommy cloths, and Doghouse Rock - for pet laundering needs.

Femme RockDog House Rock - Pet Bedding and Toy Detergent

Buy IT! You can buy your choice of 45/90 load in your choice of scent/formula {ARV $14.95}

WIN IT! One lucky reader will win their choice of a 45/90 load in your choice of scent and formula during the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop on May 1st-12th

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{Coming Soon} Summer Lovin’ Giveaway Hop

Summer Lovin' by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers & Amy's Craft Bucket are collecting blogger sign-ups for the Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop! This event takes place from June 6-20, 2012 & all prizes are valued at $25+. Sign up today!

Make sure to watch for upcoming Sponsor post!

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Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers
The story behind Glow Bug


Glow Bug Cloth Diapers story begins with our babies.  Long before the company existed, there were two Moms who found friendship during pre-natal yoga class.  Neta and I became close friends through the course of our pregnancies.  We were thrilled when my daughter Amelia was born only weeks after Neta’s daughter Ela in 2007.  We both discovered and enjoyed using cloth diapers on our girls.

After the birth of Neta’s son Edder and my daughter Gloria in 2010, we were both looking for new cloth diapers.  Neta and I had the same concerns with the available brands.  All we wanted were good quality, affordable cloth diapers but we were really frustrated that the product we were looking for did not seem to exist.   What better solution to our dilemma than to start our own company that would sell amazing quality cloth diapers at a great price?

We knew that there must be lots of other parents out there who want to use cloth diapers but are intimidated by the cost of investing  in good quality diapers.  We are here to help you every step of the way in making the switch to cloth diapers and can’t wait to hear how much you love them!

Happy diapering!
Sarah Downey and Neta Talmor – Founders of Glow Bug Cloth Diaper

P.S. If you are wondering why we called the company Glow Bug Cloth Diapers, there are two reasons.  First of all, “Glow Bug” is my nickname for Gloria and second, because I always thought a baby in cloth diapers looks like a cute little bug with that sweet round bum.

Glow Bug sent me the following for a sponsor feature.


A girl diaper and 2 inserts!

I was completely ecstatic to receive this diappy! I have heard so many good things about this company and I wanted a chance to try them out. Seeing that this was my first cloth diaper, ever, to receive. I was still a little iffy on how to wash and care for, so I emailed Glow Bug and they helped me to get it all sorted out – that day! Talk about awesome customer service :]

Here are my two models

Front View – 2 month old

Back View – 2 month old

I also had trouble trying to figure out how to resize it {I know – beginner}, so I emailed Glow Bug, as soon as I hit send, I figured it}, and sure enough they replied back with not only cloth diapering for dummies’ tips, but also with a video! {will post at bottom!}

On the 2 month old – I really like the fit around the legs, but I was a little worrisome about the gap at top, between the diaper and the stomach, but seeing that I did not see any privates, I thought it would be okay {come to find out this is normal}.

On the 2 month old – I didn’t like the way that the diaper could not go any smaller. She has a smaller booty than most, and it covered up most of her back, but guess that can be a good thing in case of blow outs!

Front View – 8 month old

Back View – 8 month old

On the 8 month old – I really like everything about it, from the form around the legs and around the waist. She seems to feel it out more :] That’s my chunky monkey!

On the 8 month old – The only problem that I did have was the fact that she leaked through it, but that was completely my fault. I should have put in an extra insert, but hey every baby is different!

My Thoughts

Appearance – When I first opened the package and felt the diaper, it was not what I was expecting. it was thin and felt breathable, so much more different than disposables! It actually felt like baby’s bum could breathe {wonder if that is where they get baby’s breath from?}. I also love the fact that it has a double gusset, so that all messes are contained!

Pricing – Even though I received the one cloth diaper, Glow Bug does not sell individual diapers. They actually sell packages of 12 diapers for $150 and it comes with a FREE wetbag! This will save so much money and when broken down it ends up to be about $12.50 for each diaper! Not including shipping {which is about $12} or wetbag! They come in Girl, Boy, or Gender Neutral.

12 Prints included in Glow Bug Girl

  • A package of 12 one-size pocket diapers with snaps in girl's prints
  • Each diaper includes 2 absorbent snap-in inserts
  • Made with NEW SlimDry™ fabric for the trimmest fit

Our Design Features

  • Each set of 12 diapers are packaged in a free wet bag!!!
  • Two sets of cross-over snaps through the waist band for a perfect fit around newborn tummies
  • Double rows of snaps with square tabs for a trim fit through the hip
  • Four size settings fitting babies from birth through potty training (7lbs-35lbs)
  • Coordinating coloured snaps for every print
  • Waterproof flaps in the front and the back of each diaper to prevent leaks
  • Double gusset through the leg for an extra barrier of protection
  • NEW SlimDry™ fabric keeps baby’s skin dry without the bulk
  • Two openings in the pocket makes it easier to get the absorbent inset in and out
  • Snap-in inserts to keep it in place while baby’s on the move

What I LOVE the most about my Glow Bug

- The prints
- The feel of the diaper
- The price
- All the information that Glow Bug provides you with

What I DISLIKE about my Glow Bug

- Not such a big fan of the microfiber insert due to the thickness and the fact that one does not catch all the mess, and to add another would be way too bulky


Buy IT! You can buy your very own Glow Bug Package {RV $150}

WIN IT! One winner can come back tomorrow on May 1st for their chance to win a prize package valued at 185! Including a diaper.

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{Giveaway} Goddess Interrupted

Q&A With Aimée Carter, Author of the Goddess Test Series

How familiar were you with Greek myths and folklore before writing the Goddess Test series? Was a lot of research required?

I first fell in love with Greek mythology when I was a kid learning how to read, and my infatuation only grew from there. I’ve studied various kinds of mythology for years, sometimes for class and always for fun, but even then I put a great deal of research into the Goddess Test series. Mostly as a refresher to make sure I was getting my facts right, but I also researched the various myths looking for ways to tie the plots and characters together in unexpected ways.

Was Goddess Interrupted any easier or harder to write than the first book in the series, The Goddess Test?

It was both easier and harder, in a strange way. I rewrote The Goddess Test multiple times, and I’ve never edited a book more heavily in my life. Goddess Interrupted did require some editing, of course, but it was much easier.

However, the pressure to deliver a sequel worthy of the series made the writing process for Goddess Interrupted more difficult than I’d anticipated. There’s something called the “sophomore slump”, where sequels or second books generally don’t quite match up to the second, and I wanted to avoid that at all cost. So that added a lot of stress, but in the end, I was very happy with the results.

You give the gods and goddesses in the series “ordinary names” – Zeus is named Walter, Aphrodite goes by Ava, Hermes is named James. Why did you do that and do the more contemporary names have any significance?

This was something I went back and forth on multiple times. Initially the characters Kate encounters weren’t council members at all – I changed that very, very quickly though. By the second draft, I had a place for each of the Olympians, and I did some heavy rewriting to replace my first draft characters with the gods. I wanted to find a way to keep their names the same, but since they’re supposed to live among us in secret in the modern world, it didn’t really make sense. How many men named Zeus do you know, or women called Aphrodite? On top of that, keeping the council’s identities secret was incredibly important to the plot. So eventually I decided they would have changed their names when Western civilization stopped worshipping them as gods, allowing them to live freely among us.

I did choose each name for what it means, some more than others – Walter, for instance, means “army leader”, while James means “supplanter”. The exception is Calliope, which in the story was chosen by her counterpart for its Greek roots. The reason the gods changed their names – and why Artemis didn’t wind up with the name Diana – is explained throughout the series, but you get to actually see this happen in The Goddess Legacy (July 31).

Goddess Interrupted begins with the main character Kate Winters adjusting to her new life as an immortal. Given Kate’s innate strength and stubbornness, was it difficult to switch gears to portray her as a bit more vulnerable and unsure of herself in her new role as goddess AND wife?

Not so much, to be honest – her progression felt natural to me. While Kate is very tough in certain ways, she’s extremely vulnerable as well. She’s emotionally dependent on the people around her (her mother in the first book, Henry in the second), and that in and of itself carves the path she takes in the sequel. She’s spent six months with Henry, falling in love with him and forming a relationship she thinks is going to last for eternity. But Henry is battling his own demons and isn’t ready to be the person she needs him to be, and because Kate is so stubborn, she has a hard time coming to terms with that. In the sequel, Kate really is her own worst enemy emotionally – her entire world has changed, after all, and that’s a lot for anyone to take – but it’s all part of her development into a goddess and queen.

Kate finds herself trying to work through her rather complicated relationship with James, as well as her relationship with her new husband, Henry (Hades). Neither seems to be black and white, but rather varying shades of gray. Were any of Kate’s feelings or situations based on any relationship struggles you’ve been through?

Not personally, no, but I did try to make Kate’s relationships with the people in her life as realistic as possible. She isn’t perfect, and neither are they, and that’s something they all have to work through at varying points in the series. None of the relationships in the books are based off of specific experiences I’ve been through though.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? Least favorite?

Outlining is by far my favorite part of the process. I love the idea stage, where anything’s possible, and it’s such a shiny place. All of that comes crashing down when I write the first draft though, which is the hardest part for me. I tend to get mentally exhausted about two thirds to three quarters of the way into the manuscript, and it’s always a struggle for me to push through it, especially if I’m on a deadline. And inevitably there are a ton of problems I didn’t notice in the outline stage that have to be fixed for the story to work. I’m a perfectionist, so in order for me to continue writing the story, everything I’ve already written has to make sense.

Do you have a favorite quote or line from a poem or book?

I love so many quotes that I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.

How did you get your first publishing deal and how did that feel?

My agent, Rosemary Stimola, sent the manuscript out to various publishers, and after a long submission process, Harlequin TEEN offered to publish it! I was stunned at first, but that quickly gave way to giddiness. It was an incredible feeling to know I’d be published, and to this day, I still can’t quite believe it.

When is the next book in the series due out? Any hints on what will happen in book 3?

Goddess Interrupted, the sequel to The Goddess Test, came out in late March. The next book in the series, The Goddess Legacy, will be out July 31. It’s a collection of five novellas told in the perspectives of Calliope, Ava, Persephone, James, and Henry, and together they form one story.

The third book in the series, The Goddess Inheritance, is currently scheduled to be released in March 2013. Unfortunately I can’t say too much about it, but the challenges that Kate will face are pretty clear by the end of the sequel!

After the huge success of The Goddess Test, Goddess Interrupted is on many, many TBR lists for this summer. What’s on your TBR list? {Aimee, we are positioning GODDESS INTERRUPTED as a must read for summer! Maybe in addition, you could provide us with your summer reading list?}

I’m so excited for a slew of books coming out – The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, Grave Mercy, The Selection, The Serpent’s Shadow, Philippa Gregory’s YA novel, and a ton of others. I never have as much time to read as I want, but I’m definitely making time for all of those and more!

Yearbook Superlatives! If you went to high school with the Greek gods and goddesses, who would you vote for?

• Most likely to succeed? - Hera
• Class clown? - Hermes
• Nicest? – Demeter or Hephaestus
• Best dressed? - Aphrodite
• Best dancer? - Apollo
• Most school spirit? - Iris
• Most likely to attend summer school? – Ares
•Teachers pet? - Athena

Open to US/CA ONLY!

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{The Bewitchin’ Kitchen} Bringing Home Baby Event

This is a blog event and gift guide series! There are a ton of amazing giveaways happening everyday!

Just click the picture above to enter!

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{Mother's Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} Peeptree


Peeptree is an Etsy shop ran by the lovely Jodi!

Welcome Message
Welcome to Peeptree, a little shop that makes baby blankets, burp cloths, cloth baby wipes, purses, totes, grocery bags, crocheted scarves, crocheted dishcloths and many other things.
The items I create make great gifts for yourself, family members, best friend or anyone else you want to give a special gift to. My custom baby blankets make great keepsake gifts too!
If you have seen one of my handmade items and are interested in something similar or if you have a idea in mind for a special gift you would like made, please click on the 'contact us' tab at the top of this page and email me. If you have a few minutes, click on the 'photo gallery' tab and look at pictures of items I have made.
I was sent the following kitchen towel…


This towel is so adorable! I absolutely LOVE the print and Jodi did an amazing job at picking out which to send. She did an awesome job with the sewing and quality of the towel. I was a little turned off at first because it was a thin towel and I don’t usually like the thinner ones, because they make it harder to get my hands dry and ironically they seem to take longer to dry themselves. This thin towel, though, packed a big punch. Not only did it dry my hands and dry out quickly, but since it was so awesome I almost hated to take it down and wash it. It stayed on the stove for a WHOLE week and that never happens.


The back of the towel almost reminds me of the old timey cloth diapers. It is very absorbent, and stays clean throughout use. Jodi just reminded me that it is made from a flour sack and not a cloth diaper :] It also doesn’t smell like the other towels that I have. Another really cool aspect is that it is sewn down the middle to make it easier to fold.


What I LOVE about my towel

- The design!
- The quality and durability
- The price
- The fact that it actually dries!
- The easiness of hanging it over the stove rail

What I dislike about my towel

- ? Still pondering this question :]

Buy IT! You can purchase a set of 2 {ARV $10}

WIN IT! Be on a look out for a prize pack that will not only include a set of 2 baby cloths, but plenty more of cloth diapering goodies.

MothersDayClothDiaperButton 1

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{Mother's Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} The Laundry Tarts


The Laundry Tarts are a unique planet friendly company that offers a funky spin on everyday laundry products. They offer a safe alternative to commercial products.

The Laundry Tarts are extremely passionate about the environment and are dedicated to providing products that do not harm the environment.  We have made a commitment to the earth to use only safe ingredients and follow that commitment in everything we do and make. The Laundry Tarts adheres to a 100 mile rule, where all the ingredients, packaging, labels and manufacturing occur within a 100 mile radius, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging environmental awareness.Our products are completely biodegradable (including the packaging), hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and free of phosphates, EDTA, phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, nitrates, sulphites and chlorine (we are also one of the only companies to list ALL of their ingredients without misleading the consumer) ! What do we use? All natural, safe old fashion ingredients to remove stains, keep whites bright and remove odor and bacteria without masking them with harmful chemical fragrances. We use only phthalate free oils, meaning no ingredients will be left on your clothing; only a fresh, clean smell from dissolving odors-not masking them with synthetic fragrances.

I was sent a 10 pack sampler of the many different “flavors” of their tarts.

Untitled 1sample

The following flavors were included in my sample pack – Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Birthday Cake, Black Forest Cake, Bubblegum, Key Lime Pie, Pina Colada, Unscented, Rootbeer Float, and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorite scent out of the bunch was the Strawberry Shortcake, while my least favorite was the Pina Colada. I am just not that much of a coconut fan.

I did not try this laundry out on any cloth diapers, but I did try it out on some stinky work clothes, and it worked wonders! I was not sure if it would work with the cloth diapers that I just received, but I emailed The Laundry Tarts and they assured me that it works fabulously on cloth diapers.


- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Sodium Carbonate
- Sodium Percarbonate
- Sea Salt
- Saponified Coconut/Canola Oil
- Rosemary Extract
- Phthalate Free Essential and Fragrance Oils

Directions for Standard Top Loading Machines

For small loads use 2tbsp. For medium to large loads, use 4tbsp. For best results, hang to dry. For heavy or stubborn stains, soak for 1 hour or make a paste and scrub lightly with old toothbrush or natural bristled scrubbing pad. Cold water safe.

What I LOVED the most about my tarts!

- I loved that it smelt really good before the wash, but didn’t make my clothes overly powerful smelling.
- I loved that it got my dirty clothes cleaned just like the commercial gunk.
- I loved that it was powder and allows for easy clean up.
- I loved that I can have a variety instead of the same old smelling commercial smells.

What I Disliked about my tarts

- I was really disappointed that my clothes didn’t come out smelling like a freshly baked apple pie, but hey a girl can only dream, right?


"You should attach a warning label to your detergent:  WARNING: MAY CAUSE SHOCK AND DISBELIEF...are my diapers supposed to be that clean?"
 Rhonda Rogers, Sweet L'il Dimples
"I use the Laundry Tarts on my regular laundry. It's the only lovely smelling detergent we've ever found that doesn't have my husband and I breaking out in hives! So gentle on our skin and the clothes come out nice and clean everytime!"
 Malina Dockendorff
"OMG, OMG!!! I have used my TLT 3x on my diapers and they are brighter, cleaner, less dingy, and smell 10x better!!! It also got fresh strawberries out of a top after soaking for only 1hr!! So happy I found you wonderful ladies"
 Jamie-Lee White
"Laundry Tarts is wonderful! We've had so many cloth diaper laundry issues, and switching to Laundry Tarts seems to be the best move we've made! The scents are amazing and so far I think cherry pie and rootbeer are at the top of my list. This detergent rinses out so well I was able to modify my cloth diaper laundry routine to eliminate an entire rinse cycle! And there are no residual scents, just clean diapers! Most importantly, my baby's sensitive skin has no problems with Laundry Tarts. Thank you so much for such an amazing, Canadian product! I can't wait to try the rest of the scents!"
Shaunna Cartwright
"I was suffering from crunchy ammonia filled diapers and a 20 minute soak in The Laundry Tarts detergent fixed all my problems! It removed old set in stains and made things whiter and brighter and smelling wonderful. I've tried a LOT of sample scents because they all sound so yummy i want to try them. So far my favorites are birthday cake, cinnamon buns and grapefruit. (although red velvet cake sounds like a contender)
This stuff is 100x better than (its competitors) PLUS its Canadian and eco friendly."
 Heather Arn

Buy It! You can purchase the sampler pack of 10 {ARV $21.45}


WIN IT! Be on a look out for a prize pack that will not only include this sample pack, but plenty more of cloth diapering goodies

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{Review & GIVEAWAY} Jennifers Jewels = Sewing Labels

The perfect addition to any handmade craft, is your very own sewing label to add! I found this awesome seller through Etsy and she specializes in making satin and fabric sew on labels.


Jennifers Jewels is the perfect place to order your sew on labels from. She does custom work and allows you to truly customize your labels the way you like! I received a set of satin and fabric labels. I used them in the following projects.


I really love the customizable features of the labels and the true quality and print of them. They are so easy to sew in, and they look completely professional.

The outfit above is one that I made for my little cousin. You would expect everyone to go nuts over my quality work on the outfit, but no they all went nuts over the labels. They could not get over how amazing they looked!


Here is another project that I used the labels on and it turned out so cute!

What I LOVE about Jennifers Jewels

- The quality, the price, the print
- I loved working with Jennifer to make the perfect, customizable product


Jennifer has been so awesome as to offer my readers a set of 30 satin and 30 regular labels of their choice!

210 SATIN Custom Printed Labels

Opened to US ONLY! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your email address.

+1 extra entry for following Jennifer on Facebook


ashley suzanne

Bright Starts Ultimate Baby Shower!

Bright Starts, Mom to Bed by 8 and Iowa-Mom is excited to present the Baby Shower Event from May 7th to May 28th. This is a free blogger event and accepting signups now.

Join the Bright Starts Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway event today, grow your readership and offer one amazing baby shower gifts giveaway!

Make sure to let them know that Ashley Suzanne sent you if you decide to sign up!

ashley suzanne

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{Review} Stitches by Josie–Market Tote & 2GO Key Fob

For awhile now I have really been looking into getting a Market Tote. I have seen my friends and family use them, and I thought that they were really neat, so imagine my happiness when I discovered that Stitches by Josie would agree to let me review one, along with a 2GO Key Fob!

Stitches by Josie is a boutique on Etsy, and Josie is the seller behind this fabulous store. She specializes in all things with personalization. From market totes to key fobs to shirts, she does it all! I really enjoyed working with Josie and she was always so polite and kind, plus her emails always had smiley faces in them, which of course always made me smile and giggle :]


After doing some research of market totes, I come to find that they are not at all cheap in price, but Josie’s comes at a decent price. That pack a small price for an amazing, well put together product. I have used this market tote numerous amounts of time. In fact I actually used it this past weekend on my 4 hour trip to Augusta. Not only did it manage the crazy ride, but it also manage to hold all of my clothes and personal items for a 2 day stay. I only ended up taking this tote and one “to do” bag. That is so unlike me. It held not only one outfit, but three! It held 3 shirts, 3 pants, undies, socks, medicine, chargers, shoes, shampoo, toothbrush, and so much more! The width and length of this tote also allowed enough of room so that I could neat fold up my clothes and not have to worry about them being wrinkled! The only thing that I did not care for about the tote was the fact that when I bring the two handles together at the top to velcro, the wrap with the velcro wraps around weird. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was a little weird to me. Not enough to take away from the product, but enough for me to notice it :] I also didn’t care for the way that when I do bring the handles together, the bars below them come to the middle also, making it a bit harder to keep the sides together, but again not enough to make the product flawed or anything.


What I love the most about the tote is its storage capability and the design on the front. In case you cannot see it very well it has my name and then pink and purple polka dots! So cute!


The little cutie up there and right here is called a 2GO Key Fob. It is a place for you to store all your important needs on the go. It can house your cell phone, credit cards, license and many more. I love all of the different designs to choose from and had a hard time choosing. You are also able to choose from 3 different quilting designs, and initial font, and colors. I chose a wavy like quilting that is really hard to see, but it is so neat! I love the fact this little “purse” is so easy to store and grab on your way out, not to mention that is so stylin’!


Visit Josie and Tell Her I said Hi!

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Also make sure to “Like” her facebook page and tell her that I sent you, in order to get extra entries into a huge giveaway hop happening here on Ashley Suzanne next month! Don’t foget to comment below letting me know that you did so.


Ashley Suzanne


I received one or more of the following items for free in exchange for an honest review written here on Ashley Suzanne and all things stated are my opinions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Small Blogs, Big Dreams Giveaway Hop!

One lucky winner will receive the following ebooks!

Jessica Rules the Dark Side
Wings of the Wicked
Under the Never Sky

All you have to do to enter to win is become a GFC follower and leave a comment with your GFC name and email.

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Upcoming Giveaway!

Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop

This fun and fluffy giveaway hop will run from May 1-12, 2012 and is hosted by Daily Mothering. Giveaway winners will be announced on the 13th (if possible) which is Mother’s Day.

Just wanted to let all you CD moms know that this is my first cloth diapering giveaway hop ever! Whenever the time comes that I am blessed to have kids on my own. I would love nothing more than to start them off in cloth diapers! I love the fact that they are healthier to baby’s bum then the leading disposable diapers, and not to mention so much more cheaper too.

Stay tuned to the upcoming posts and giveaways that will spotlight everything you need to start out cloth diapering!

Just Because I Feel Like Sharing…

I have been writing and playing out this blog post in my head for a couple of days and now I feel like it is time for me to share it with you all. I am not sure how it will turn out or what type of response it will receive, but if you have any questions – then please feel free to ask. If it is too personal then please email it to me at ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com. I feel like there are some loose ends hanging around here on Ashley Suzanne and I want to make sure that I address them, and I want to do this by telling you all a little about myself, more in-depth.
I am a 21 year old, Christian, who still lives at home with her parents and younger sister. Marlee was born when I was 8. I was there the whole time to witness the birth and everything. I was also the first one to hold her, aside from the doctor and nurses. I feel that God gave me her and used her birth to lead me to my calling and passion.
My parents did not attend church when I was younger. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in God, they were just lost. I started going to church with my grandparents, and then a few years later my mom had a nightmare, and God used that to lead her to Him and church. During the time that my mom, sister, and I started attending church and church events, things began to change around our house for the better, and my dad became very quizzical during that time and started asking questions about our faith. A few years later with the help God, he started attending church with us and then he and my sister were baptized. Mom did not get re-baptized because she was already baptized a time before, but I feel like maybe in a few years she may renew it, for her sake.
As a child I acted older than my age. My mom tells me that I have an old soul. I was average during my school years. I had friends, but never did anything out of my comfort zone in order to gain more friends. I was just me. Through high school, when other kids would go out and do things that they shouldn’t do. I was at home with my family. I never had the desire to do “earthly” things that would make me more popular or liked. I always thought, and still do think that I am weird ;] When I see others acting a certain way and then see the way that I act. It make me feel like there is something wrong with me. Almost like I don’t belong down here, and the truth be told – I don’t. I am an outsider and this is my temporary home.
Noticed how I talked about my calling and passion up there? Well, I truly believe that my calling is to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse. My passion – babies, and everything that has to do with them. Ever since I can remember, I have collected baby items and either pass them on to those who need them or keep them in a “safe” place for myself later on down the road. I am not a mother yet, but it is my lifelong dream to marry a man that God has planned for me and to raise my beautiful children in His word. I would also love to live on a farm and maybe marry a farmer, but I wouldn’t mind letting that go :]
I feel a pressure to get married, but I have a feeling that it is not God’s time for me. My family and friends tell me that I need to get out and participate or that I wont never meet anyone, but I know that is not true. I believe that when it is God’s time for me to meet my husband and get married then nothing can stand in His way. The one that I wish is that I was a little more out going and not afraid to make friends. I just don’t seem to get along with people my own age, and school keeps me pretty busy.
So to sum up this rambling. Here are a few statements about me and the blog.
- I am not a mommy of children my own, but I do babysit a little girl, and I love her as if she was my own. In my world she is my child.
- Learning about babies, pregnancy, and everything else brings joy to my life, and allows me to learn what I may need to know sometime soon.
- Just because I am not a mom, or not married, does not mean that it is weird for me to have baby items, or dream about my future husband or kids. It helps keep me sane and not depressed because I am not like my other friends who are married with kids.
- Just because I may suffer from Hypothyroidism, PCOS, and obesity does not mean that I will not ever have kids, or ever lose weight.
- Ashley Suzanne the blog will NOT be categorized, but will remain as a happy, creative, and free place.
I do apologize for all the ramblings, but I want to use my blog as something that I can look back own over the years to come, and to see what I was and how far I have progressed. I will still do reviews and participate in things, but I will also have more posts like this.
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{This o' That} Malice by Griffin Hayes


Seventeen-year-old Lysander Shore and his family thought life was going to be better in Millingham. A safe haven from persecution and prejudice. But beneath the warm smiles and the small town charm lies a terrible secret no one will talk about. 
Only Lysander knows what it is. An insidious presence that murders at will and never leaves a trace. Lysander knows because he's seen it and he's pretty sure it saw him too. 
But nothing in Millingham happens by chance. The evil has waited nearly 350 years for Lysander to come home. Now it wants to make him pay. 

Pick your preference for each pairing: 

Ninjas or Penguins
Vamps or Weres
Books or Video Games
Coke or Pepsi
Justice or Vengeance
Red or Black
Heels or Boots
Cats or Dogs
Ice cream or Cake
Action or Adventure


Thanks for stopping by Griffin!