Saturday, July 31, 2010

Need More Entries!

So I have a few giveaways going on and I cant seem to get enough of entries. Its hard when I only have two entries for a giveaway.
Does anyone have any suggestions as how I could get more entries in my giveaways?

August's Book of the Month!

Everyone the time is getting closer for me to check and see which book won August's Book of the Month choice. So make sure to get your votes in. I will also be picking a winner sometime soon for the Book of the Month giveaway for July. I am not sure as of right now what next month's book giveaway will be. Any suggestions?

If you are looking for the poll it is on the top left hand side of my blog.

If you are looking for the linky to post your review you can find that HERE!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Blog Hops and Other Fun Things

Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year??

Wow. What a hard question. I would most likely have to say James Patterson. I have read almost all of his Maximum Ride novels and loved everyone of them. He is an amazing author. However there are a whole list of authors that I love also!

I cant wait to see what all your answers are. If you are interested in doing this hop then click the Crazy For Books link above!


Photo Roulette Friday Rules:

- Please be random! It's really OK to post a not-so-wonderful photo.

- You are more than welcome to edit your photo if you wish.

- Please include my button in your post, so people can find this bloghop and link up.

- You have until Tuesday night to enter.

Here is my entry:

Well here is my cat that we had to disect in Anatomy. I know it might be gross, but we had to choose the 10th folder, 8th picture so this is what I got.
This is a fun new meme I hope you all join!

The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!, Mannland5 and The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man have teamed up to cohost Follow Me, Chickadee Fridays! Each week, simply stop by at any of these three blogs for a chance to link up and meet new and exciting bloggers out on the interwebz!

All we ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines:

Add a main link to your blog each week (Linky will open every Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST and close at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday mornings EST).

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You don't have to follow every blog that follows you...but make sure that you follow the blogs that really interest you!

If you want to put the blog hop code or the Chickadee button on your Friday post on your blog, we welcome it!

Family friendly sites ONLY. The linky list will be monitored and anything not family friendly *will* be deleted. We don't want to see random naughty bits or something that would make our families cringe.

And the most important guideline? HAVE FUN! Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's...ack, Girl Scouts memories shining through. Oh, and have a Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IMM (3)

Hi everyone sorry for posting this late, but I have been on vacation. I have received a LOT of things in this 10 day period. There are so many reviews that I have coming, so many that it may make your head or at least my head explode!

For starters I made the mistake of signing up for way too many tours. So listed below are the books that I signed up for the tour and sadly I did not get to finish them due to vacation and limited amount of time. There will be no review coming from these:

So as you can see this was a whole lot of books to read in a week. Not to mention that I was out soaking up the sun in Florida to really care about reading. I know I'm guilty for saying that. I am not giving up on these books I will read them whenever I can get my hand on a copy for more than 7 days.

Here are the books that I received for review:

Out of all of these I am most anxious to read Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton. I have never read a book about goblins before, unless you count the Spiderwick Chronicles. I cant wait to see her point on the whole goblin affect!

Here are the products that I received for reviews:

Tutu from Adonals
Receiving blanket from PoppySnaps
Shawl from DeDigna
I Rock Onesie from WittyBitty
Pink Fish bag from 4CrazyLadies
Poohbear Theme Diaper Cake from Erica's House of Design
Laptop sleeve & Laptop bag from CSN
Baby Legs from Saylaynah

I will have reviews for all of these items as soon as possible. It may be one a day, any suggestions on how to accomplish this task easily? LOL.

And last but definately not least are the books and swag that I received from giveaways:

I received numerous amounts of swag. So much that I cant write it all down or I would be here all night. So I will give you the general idea of what I got. Basically I received a lot of bookmarks, postcards, and other small things. A lot of the stuff I got was signed by the author.

Well this is all for tonight and for my mailbox. I will more than likely have a wwhole lot more this next week. I would love to hear what all ya'll got this week!

Love ya guys!

Book of the Month: July 2010

July 2010

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind everyone that my book of the month giveaway is ending soon. In order to be entered into this giveaway you must visit this post and follow the directions. The giveaway will end the first of August and I will send the prize out to the winner sometimes in August after I receive my student loan. Sadly I will not be able to post my review because I did not get to recheck out the book. I was about halfway through it and I went to the library to check it out again they told me that I needed to have my card, and well I didnt :( It is okay though! I will catch next months. As of right now I only have 1 person signed up for the review giveaway, so if no one else signs up then they will automatically receive the giveaway!

Next month's Book of the Month poll is listed on the top left hand side.

Summer "Beach Reads" Reading Challenge - Introduction!

I'm Joining the Summer "Beach Reads" Challenge...and you should too!

BWS tips button

The Summer Beach Reads Challenge is hosted by the following bloggers:

Timeline: July 1, 2010 - August 31, 2010

Levels: Remember swim classes? Thus our reading challenge levels!
* Tadpole - Read 4 books in this challenge.
* Minnow - Read 8 books in this challenge.
* Dolphin - Read 12 books in this challenge.
* Shark - Read 16+ books in this challenge!


• You do not have to select your books ahead of time, unless you choose to. You can just pick and choose as you go if that works better for you! We fully support you using these books as crossovers to other challenges, so feel free to participate even if you're currently in another challenge!
• If you choose to participate, please take the button and put it in your "Challenge" section or on your sidebar. That way anyone else who wants to join can find their way here!

• If you choose to participate, please create an Introduction Post and link it to the Mr. Linky Jessica's Blog, so that we can come and say hi!

• You may join at any time, even if there are only a few weeks left. Welcome amazing readers!

• Prizes will be awarded through mini giveaways and contests throughout the challenge, and a bigger prize pack will be awarded at the end of the challenge!


I'm not really choosing a level. I am just going to see how much I get done, but I will be reading from my TBR pile. It has grown massively over the past week.

Any of you thinking about joining in?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Etsy Shop Review, Interview, & Giveaway : DeDigna


DeDigna's Shop Announcement:

"Welcome to my Shop #2. Please Visit My Other Shop a Handbags Journey
If your currently in LA, visit my Booth in the store
*Handmade Galleries*
14556 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
* Every piece of Clothing I create I tried to add something new to or make a design I have never seen before. So every item is completely different from the next to give variety.

I go to what I like to call “My Shopping Expeditions” to find the most unique fabrics at least to my eyes. I start my expedition at the Heart of Los Angeles and walk block from block and carry every yard of fabric that I buy in a little cart. That I have to drag it into the subway and all the way back to the valley were I live. From there I run down shops like Joann’s, others were they Sell fabrics and crafts. I’m such a regular customer that they even know my name at many of these shops.

By the way my name is Denise L. Perez I sew everything you see here with care and love.

How I came up with the name DeDigna. Digna is my Grandmother's name and De in spanish just means: From or belonging to.

If you like to contact me convo me, or email me at

Denise @
** I had and item listed in the Treasury at ETSY**

That Ran untill Sunday March 7, 2010
(Abstract Two Pieces Bathing Suit, Halter Top, M)
****Important******************** The shipping price may be cheaper, depending on Country. So if you like me to check, I will be more then happy to respond with a replacement price for shipping. (Just include your country and zip code) by convo or email Thank You ********************************************"
I found this cute shop the other day when browsing around Etsy. She sells the cutest swimwear, scarfs and almost Bohemian like clothing. This is the item that I got for review:
Sorry that pictures are not good quality. I have to use my cell phone due to the lack of a camera. Any who this product can be used more than one way, it can be used as a scarf, belt, shawl; etc. Just about anything you can think of. The fabric is very soft and sewed with good quality. She also has many other color scarfs as the following:

I thought this product was extremely soft and handy. The seller really works with you and answers your questions. Not to mention that the delivery was super fast. It came wrapped in a little plastic bag with her business card taped to the top in case you have any questions.
Name: Denise L. Perez
Store Name: Dedigna
Store URL:

1. Tell us a little about yourself, the seller behind the store.

Well I’m 22yrs old and I’m currently still living with my parents, but don’t judge me yet. I’m the first in my family to finish College, I majored in Fashion Design, I have always been good with my hands and I grow-up watching my mother sew. So one day when I was about 15yrs, I was bored and I always wanted to learn how to sew, so I beg my mom to let me use her sewing machine she thread it and showed me what everything did. And its been about 7yrs now and I haven’t stopped sewing, I made myself a little handbag, (It was horrible) that my friends seem to like so I made better ones, and sold them. And present time: I’m my own boss and I work from home, I really don’t have a life, From the moment I wake up till I go to sleep I do nothing but sew and I love it.

2. What's your store about? What do you typically sell or sell the most?

Once I finished college at La Trade Tech, I decided to take everything I learn from there and put it into practice, to built up my skill. So its still I working progress. But I have discovered that I really enjoy Sewing Children’s wear and Swim wear, and I usually sale more swimwear then anything else. I also sell Handbags on another shop called :
 3. Why did you decide to open a shop?

I decided on an on-line shop after I had to hand deliver a handful of orders myself. It was just obvious and the greatest decision ever.

4. What does your shop mean to you?

To me my shop is like a trophy, something physical that I can show off. Not in a conceited way but as a proud artist.

5. Random Questions, pick one or as many as you like and tell why.

Crayons or Color Pencils = Color pencils, don’t make your hands hurt.

Anchovies or Pepperoni = Pepperoni because I have never tried anchovies.

Pink or Blue = None, Gold

Cherries or Blueberries = Blueberries, I like the idea of eating something naturally Blue.

Flip Flops or Sneakers = Definitely Sneakers. I don’t even own Flip Flops


I am giving away what is in the picture above.

There will be (1) winner:
Winner will receive the scarf above and anything else that I may want to add.
Open to US only (Sorry low budget)

DO NOT need a blog to enter. You can simply leave your email!

ENDS: sometimes in August

Entries will be confirmed, if an entry is unable to be verified that entry will be discarded

Winner will be chosen using

Please pay attention to these rules and good luck!

Must be a follower!

Its real simple all you do is leave a comment with your email address (if you are uncomfortable with leaving your email then you can contact me at

**Fine point: I received no payment for this review all I received was this product to review. Everything said was my own personal opinion.**

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet Me Monday (1)

Meet Me Monday

Welcome to Meet Me Monday! Meet Me Monday is a weekly link-up hosted by Inspiring You To Save! created for socializing and to get new followers, subscribers, and readers. Every Monday a new linky will be posted. The linky is open Sunday at 10 pm thru Friday at 10 am. Be sure to come back each week and join in. Here's how it works:
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Grab the link-up button and post "Meet me Monday" on your blog!.

Link up your blog post for "Meet Me Monday". The more people that know, the more that will join in, the more fun it will be!!

Comment on this post. If your new here I will follow you back.

Follow as many blogs as you like, commenting on their post (so they can follow back)

If you want to join this MEME then click on the Meet Me Monday button above!

Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23rd : Friday Blog Hops and Questions!

Book Blogger Hop


I am currently reading Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare, that I received from Traveling ARC Tours. I am only about 20 pages in, but so far it is extremely detailed and visual. Not in the bad way visual, but as in I can actually see the character. If that makes any sense?!

So everyone join in and let me know what you are reading. You can join this "meme" by clicking on the button above.


1. What were your school colors?
Black and Gold

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?
That I looked like I lost weight =D
3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
Well since I am 19 and still living at home I use whatever my parents buy, but if it was up to me I would buy cheap!

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else?
Nope =(
5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?
I would have to say my phone. There I am guilty. I would say my laptop but my phone goes every where I go and I feel bad when I leave, but sometimes it gets hectic carrying it.
Smart and Trendy Moms


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Blog Hops!

Tuesday Tag-Along BWS tips button Photobucket

Etsy Shop Review & Interview : Erica's House of Design


Tonight I bring to you a marvelous shop that has the cutest diaper cakes. This shop is always adding new, more, and exciting items.

Erica's House of Design Shop Announcement:
"Welcome! I will soon make quilts, wall art, gift baskets and more to come:)"

I came across this Etsy shop the other day and marveled out her diaper cakes. These cakes will make any mom to be happy. They will make the perfect baby shower gift. Here is the one that I received:

I absolutely love this cake and I am a huge fan of Pooh. Yes, I know that I am a 19 year old girl that loves Pooh, but what can I say? I'm not normal. I asked for a Pooh bear cake and she completely blew my mind. It was a lot better than what I had imagined. I inspected the product all over and it is in excellent condition. It shipped really fast and was taken really good care of. It came in a big box with the white packing corn to insure that no damage was done. The seller answered any questions that I had and was always very polite and courteous.


Name: Erica Voigt is married legal name, but I go by my maiden name of Erica Moore for a lot of online things. I hate to give up my identity since marriage, so I use both:)
Store Name: Erica's House of Design

Store URL:

Blog Name and URL (if you have one):

 1. Tell us a little about yourself, the seller behind the store. I have always liked to make things, I love to write too, but for the last few years, I have been busy being a mom. Now I have finally gotten back into making things.

2. What's your store about? What do you typically sell or sell the most? Diaper cakes, and I have sold a few movie baskets, but I want to make quilts and wall art in the near future to go with diaper cake themes. I sort of want my own line of baby room decor.

3. Why did you decide to open a shop? My friend Cara and Deanna are both having babies, so it got me into baby fever, and I decided to make diaper cakes, and I have come up with ideas of other things to come. Deanna told me about as she also has a shop named OrangeYouGladDesigns, and I gave it a whirl.

4. What does your shop mean to you? Happiness! It makes me happy to make things and create things, and I LOVE making cute baby gifts the most. I feel it defines me other than a mom and someone that has a day job, and it also motivates me to do other things, like write that have been on hold for the last few years.

5. Random Questions, pick one or as many as you like and tell why.

Crayons or Color Pencils : Colored pencils. Crayons break easier, melt and are a little messy to color with.

Anchovies or Pepperoni : Pepperoni. Also I love spicy food and different things such as sushi, I have yet to be adventurous enough to try anchovies.

Pink or Blue : Pink, but I like blue a lot as well. I do not really have a favorite color since I like all of them:) I do, however buy pink ipod, pink laptop, pink GPS, and pink wii remote, so the boys know they are mine. As you can tell, I'm outnumbered in my household.

Cherries or Blueberries : I like both.

 Flip Flops or Sneakers : Since I live in Florida, I'd have to say I wear flip flops the most, but I played sports when I was younger, so I do feel comfort in sneakers, but I do not wear them other than going to the ball fields or to the gym basically.

A little more about Erica : I want my readers to feel like that know you and can feel comfortable around you. Does that make any sense? It makes perfect sense. What I did not say is: I'm married to James, My son's names are Xander and Christopher. Xander and Christopher both play soccer, and Christopher plays t-ball or baseball and made all-stars this year, and he played football last year as well. Both kids are honor roll students, and I am very proud of both of them.
Check out her shop here : Erica's House of Design
**Fine Print: I was not giving any money or compensation for this review. All I received from this was the product to review. Everything said is my complete opinion and I was not forced to say anything.**

Monday, July 19, 2010

Etsy Shop Review & Giveaway : WittyBitty


WittyBitty's Shop Announcement:
"A little bit of wit for your little itty bits.

We love to put funny and cute onesies and tshirts on our kids. So come to the shop where the bitties can find the wearable wit.

We have short and long sleeved onesies, made by Carters or Gerber, in the following sizes: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-9M, 12M, 18M, 24M. We have tshirts, made by Rabbit Skins, in the following sizes: 6M, 12M, 18M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6, 7. Please note: Rabbit Skins runs about a size small, so please order up for big babies!
I'd love your help in establishing this shop, but if you are wondering about my feedback, you can check out my other shop to see my customer comments:"
I found this cute shop the other day when browsing around Etsy. They have the most adorable, affordable onesies with the cutest sayings. This is the item that I received:

I thought this product was so cute and funny. The seller really works with you and answers your questions. Not to mention that the delivery was super fast. It comes wrapped in a cute little plastic bag with directions on how to wash it.


Name: Jessica
Store Name: WittyBitty
Store URL:

1. Tell us a little about yourself, the seller behind the store. I am just another mom waiting to be discovered as the next Martha Stewart! I have two children (3 1/2 and 10 months old) and one husband (of 6 years). I have one part time job as an addictions counselor, and I've been in the field for 10 years and am very passionate about it. As for my crafty work, my ideas come much faster than the work, and it almost always looks better in my head!

2. What's your store about? What do you typically sell or sell the most? The shop is designed for those who enjoy decorating their children with wit and humor. Not always original, but always witty. No sales yet, but O.P.P. has gotten the most views, I think.

3. Why did you decide to open a shop? I have another Etsy shop ( that I work really hard on, but it doesn't seem to pay off all that well... I haven't figured out the trick yet. I notice that lots of people are interested in the funny and generic type onesies and kid tees, so I thought I'd jump in on that cash cow. My cow has not been cashing in yet, though.

4. What does your shop mean to you? My efforts in the children's clothing world mean a lot to me, although it is still very strange and difficult to refer to it as a business or to myself as a creator or crafter. But it verifies for me (at least when sales are good) that I am creative and talented, so I guess it's a bit of an ego boost. I don't intend to "quit my day job" - because I'm only part time and I love it too much - but I would love for something to start bringing in a lot of business.

5. Random Questions, pick one or as many as you like and tell why.

Crayons or Color Pencils : Colored pencils for me - they are much neater and more uniform and organized!

Anchovies or Pepperoni : Neither anchovies or pepperoni - Ick!

Pink or Blue : Pink if it's with black or brown, and blue if it's aqua and brown. And, to take it deeper, I love little girl things, so I guess I'm pink all the way.

Cherries or Blueberries : Cherries for sure, cause I'm not a fan of blueberries. Cherries are sweeter, and they look better on children's clothing! (I think they wash out of children's clothing better, too!)

Flip Flops or Sneakers : Flip Flops, as long as my toes are cute! They are so much easier and low maintenance! I am so not high maintenance!

I am giving away what is in the picture above.
There will be (1) winner:
Winner will receive the onesie above and anything else that I may want to add.
Open to US only (Sorry low budget)
ENDS: August 28th 2010
Entries will be confirmed, if an entry is unable to be verified that entry will be discarded

Winner will be chosen using

Please pay attention to these rules and good luck!

Must be a follower!

DO NOT need a blog in order to participate. Just simply leave your email address.
In order to win this item all you have to do is leave a comment with your email addy. Everyone that has already filled out the form please leave a comment so that you are added!

**Fine point: I received no payment for this review all I received was this product to review. Everything said was my own personal opinion.**

Jennifer Lauren GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is a re-post from Jennifers Musings.

Check out all this STUFF: T-shirts: Heavenly and A Season of Eden ( both get tons of stares when you wear them, promise :) So, if you like being invisible, this isn't the giveaway for you.
Copies of Heavenly AND A Season of Eden, notebooks and a couple of surprises.

Winner announced Saturday.

In order to sign up for this giveaway follow the rules here!

It's Monday! What are you reading? (1)

This Monday I am reading Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin. I received this book thru Holly's ARC tours. I will post this review closer to the end of the week.
I look forward to seeing what you guys are reading!

Monday Blog Hops (1)

Smart and Trendy Moms

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Etsy Shop Review: Sassy Britches

The other day I was glancing around Etsy and I came across the most adorable hairbows by Sassy Britches that I absolutely had to have! Here are two that I received:

These pictures really do not capture the fine details of these bows. I have inspected the bows all over and they are absolutely perfect. They are clean, and very detailed. I was most blown away by the pumpkin bow. It looks so amazing. Its 3D and really sticks out.

I know that when many of us were younger and used to dream about having girls of own; we would dream about all the little bows that could be put in their hair. That is if they have any, and if they don't then the momas can wear them. Sassy Britches also offers mongrammed lunchbags.

This is her shop announcement:

"We are new to Etsy and look forward to creating many beautiful things for your family to enjoy. Please check back frequently as we will be adding new items continuously. Your shipping costs will never exceed $10 no matter how many items you order. Thanks for looking! We are running a special on our precious 3D hairbows for all our special new customers. $3.00 each!

If you are interested in wholesale orders for the 3D hairbows, please ask for more information. Thanks!"

So for anyone out there who loves lunchbags and hairbows then I highly recommend to check out this shop! They are extremely helpful and will answer any questions that you have!


**Fine Print - This is my own personal opinion. No way was I forced to say what I said. I was not paid and all I received from this was a product to revieww and the artist's happiness!**

In My Mailbox (2) : Week July 12 - 17th

This has been a very great week!

In the mail I received:

(2) Low Red Moon ARCs
(1) Resurrection in May
(2) Hairbows from Sassy Britches
Swag from Novel Thoughts

In the email I received:

(1) Make Your Own templates tutorial by SophiaGraceBoutique
(1) Print Your Own Tee tutorial by PrintYourOwnTee
(8) templates from Sophia Grace & Print Your Own Tee
(1) $25 giftcard from SophiaGraceBoutique

Here are the pictures:

What did you guys get?
Read On,

Friday, July 16, 2010

CSN Stores : Table Lamps

Hello everyone! I have noticed how many blogger's breaths have been taken away by the CSN stores. Its more than what everyone else says it is. Its like taking all of your favorite stores and combining it into one big store. If you cant find what you need in one of the stores then you can give me your money and I can find something I like =D.

Later on this month I will receive a product for review. I just have to do the single most hardest task first and that would be to pick out (1) item that I like. It is so hard because I like everything they have to offer! The prices are great and the shipping is great so what is not to like?

I want to take a minute and tell you about all their amazing table lamps. First of all I want to start with a little history. Do you remember being taught that before lights people had candles and then when they got lights there houses were messy? Well by using one of the CSN table lamps you wont have to ever worry about that problem again. Their lamps come in every size, shape, and style that you could imagine. Here are a few that I really like.

Take a look around the 200+ stores and I bet you will find a lot that you like. Remeber that my review product will be up soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Read-A-Thon Wrap UP!

This is my complete wrap up of the three days.

I finished Vampire Island.
I won The Sky is Everywhere from Reading Angel!

Friday Hops [5]

Book Blogger Hop
Question of the Week:


I have been dying to read SHIVER for a long time. Every since I first read the excerpt. Everytime I see a giveaway of the book I have to go and sign up for it. Its like my own personal brand of Heroine. LOL.

**Hey everyone I just found out that I won a Read-A-Thon giveaway from A Blog About Nothing where I get to pick (1) book from the book depository! Can you guess which book I picked? =D


Yay! Im so excited! Review most definitely coming soon!

Smart and Trendy Moms