Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IMM (3)

Hi everyone sorry for posting this late, but I have been on vacation. I have received a LOT of things in this 10 day period. There are so many reviews that I have coming, so many that it may make your head or at least my head explode!

For starters I made the mistake of signing up for way too many tours. So listed below are the books that I signed up for the tour and sadly I did not get to finish them due to vacation and limited amount of time. There will be no review coming from these:

So as you can see this was a whole lot of books to read in a week. Not to mention that I was out soaking up the sun in Florida to really care about reading. I know I'm guilty for saying that. I am not giving up on these books I will read them whenever I can get my hand on a copy for more than 7 days.

Here are the books that I received for review:

Out of all of these I am most anxious to read Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton. I have never read a book about goblins before, unless you count the Spiderwick Chronicles. I cant wait to see her point on the whole goblin affect!

Here are the products that I received for reviews:

Tutu from Adonals
Receiving blanket from PoppySnaps
Shawl from DeDigna
I Rock Onesie from WittyBitty
Pink Fish bag from 4CrazyLadies
Poohbear Theme Diaper Cake from Erica's House of Design
Laptop sleeve & Laptop bag from CSN
Baby Legs from Saylaynah

I will have reviews for all of these items as soon as possible. It may be one a day, any suggestions on how to accomplish this task easily? LOL.

And last but definately not least are the books and swag that I received from giveaways:

I received numerous amounts of swag. So much that I cant write it all down or I would be here all night. So I will give you the general idea of what I got. Basically I received a lot of bookmarks, postcards, and other small things. A lot of the stuff I got was signed by the author.

Well this is all for tonight and for my mailbox. I will more than likely have a wwhole lot more this next week. I would love to hear what all ya'll got this week!

Love ya guys!

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  1. That's such a shame that you didn't get to finish Clockwork Angel! I definitely recommend buying it when it comes out - it was INCREDIBLE! I'll be reviewing it in the next week =)


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