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{Review} Fun Bites

FunBites is an essential kitchen tool for families with kids. It is perfect for for picky eaters and Bento lunches. FunBites cuts kids' food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. It goes WAY BEYOND sandwich cutters! FunBites works fantastic on pancakes, waffles, deli, cheese, burgers and more. Made of the strongest plastic material available, FunBites is strudy and durable. Because FunBites makes mealtime interactive and more exciting, kids will try new things and eat healthier. Plus mealtime is made simple... bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds. FunBites is patented because it is a first and only.

FunBites - bite sized mealtime magic!

FunBites was so kind as to send us the following green squared cutter to try out.

Cube It!

Ease of Use

This cutter is not only extremely simple and easy to use, but it is also fun! I remember while growing up my grandmother would always take a pair of scissors and cut our sandwich up into little squares. Keep in mind that back then her scissors were all metal. I have tried cutting sandwiches up into little squares with household scissors, and let me be the one to tell you that it is most definitely NOT easy to do. That is where FunBites come in.

This little cutter sure packs a big punch. Simply wash it in your regular dishes or toss it in on the first rack in a dishwasher, and allow it to dry. The all you do is take the big rectangle and place it on the item to be cut, next place the smaller rectangle inside the bigger and press it through!

See it in Action!


I started off with a piece of cheese. I know it is not much, but it was the first thing I grabbed, and baby is not really ready for the extreme foods yet.


Next, I placed the cutter over the cheese.


Then, I put the smaller one through and pushed out all my tiny perfect squares of cheese! Then I ate them :)


See, it is even baby approved! This is another awesome feature of the FunBite cutter. It has no sharp points, or blades, so if baby finds it and thanks that it is a toy, then it will be safer than the others!

The equal part of the cutter and the sheer force of pressure, causes this cutter to cut!

Appearance, Quality, Style

I love the color and appearance of this cutter, and not to mention that it is every OCD-er’s dream to have the perfectly lined up squares. The quality is simply amazing, not only is it BPA Free, but it is also MADE IN THE USA!!

FunBites offers not only this green rectangle, but also a purplish-pink heart.

Buy One of Each!

If there is one thing that I could change about the FunBites cutters, it would me to offer more shapes and color options. Maybe circles, or it would be seriously cool, if they could be personalized!


You can buy one cutter {rectangle or heart} for $12.99 each or both for $22! By buying 2 you end up saving $4!

Their Story

Thank you for visiting us at FUNBITES®. My name is Bobbie Rhoads. My husband and I have two girls...Jackie who is now 11 and Dylan who is 7. A few years ago we came up with FUNBITES®. Jackie has always been a great eater. She would eat pretty much whatever you gave her so long as the food was neat and organized. My little one, Dylan, was a different story. She was truly picky nicky - she liked the same food all the time, didn't like to try new things, unless it was junk food. 

At meals we would spend so much time cutting food into small shapes. Wouldn't it be easier if there was something we could just press down into their food and bippity boppity boo! would be made into bite-sized pieces? Maybe our kids would try new foods and eat better; maybe mealtime could be less stressful and more fun. Is that even possible?  

Welcome to FUNBITES®. It cuts food into bite-sized shapes. FUNBITES® works on kid-friendly food from lunch meat and cheese to hamburgers, pancakes and fish. Jackie loves FUNBITES® because the food is cut neatly and evenly. Dylan finally eats her food, real food, not junk food. 

We just had to share FUNBITES® with you. Maybe you have a kid like ours or maybe you simply want to add a little more fun and simplicity to your kitchen. We hope FUNBITES® makes your mealtime more nutritious, a little easier and a lot more fun. FUNBITES® Bite-sized mealtime magic!

Overall Rating


I really love my FunBites cutter, and the fact that they are made in the USA! I would have to say that this is a necessity for any toddler household! 


Can’t get enough? Visit FunBites at…

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{Sponsor Spotlight} Boogie Wipes

Boogie Logo

Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments.


Extra soft, alcohol, phthalate and paraben free, Boogie Wipes are available in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol and Simply Unscented. Recommended by pediatricians as a gentle, effective alternative to a dry tissue.

Boogie Wipes graciously sent me the following 30 count wipes in the Grape scent, along with other smaller trial sizes of the different scents.


These Boogie Wipes could not have came at a better time. Little Natalie was dealing with the sniffles and I was constantly having to clean and suction her nose. Poor baby! Natalie absolutely HATES getting her nose wiped, most especially when she has a cold, and it is already sore.

When I introduced the yummy smelling grape scented boogie wipe to her nose, it made cleaning more bearable, and it really softened the dry boogies thus allowing us to accomplish a more adequate cleaning!


I love how the 30-count sized container has an easy to open and close top. Not only does this allow for little ones to wipe their own noses, but it also keeps the wipes moist and clean, so that they will not dry out.

The 30-count pack is also the perfect size to keep in the diaper bag, glove compartment of your vehicle, along with other various places that you may need them.

I love that we were sent the smaller sample pack also, and the fact that they can be purchased too. These are so nice and thin to slip into your back pocket, and to pull out whenever needed, for example, while grocery shopping :)


The appearance of the Boogie Wipes is extremely eye catching. Not only does it come in a kid friendly pouch, but it also makes wiping your nose more enticing. The quality of the wipes are simply amazing. They do not tear when coming out of the pouch, and they are big enough so that you can get a full cleaning the first time!

If there is one thing that I could change about Boogie Wipes, it would be to have more flavors. Maybe some strawberry, watermelon, and so on, would be fabulous!


One 30-Count of Boogie Wipes is approximately $3.79 each! That is as less as $0.15/wipe!!

Overall Rating


I really love the Boogie Wipes, and everything that they stand for, however in my opinion, I think that they are not necessary for itty bitties, but perhaps for the older ones, who tend to wipe their boogies everywhere!


Can’t get enough of these wipes? Visit Boogie Wipes at…

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Summer Cloth Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things. Almost 50 blogs have linked up to bring you many exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter my giveaway below and then hop to the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post to enter their fluffy giveaways as well! Each blog has a cloth diaper prize valued at $25 or more and many blogs have prizes worth over $100.


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One person will win ... 2 diapers, 2 bags of washing powder, $45 shopping spree, and a cloth bag to carry it all in!


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{WIWW} 6/18-6/24

Giveaways that I want to win for this week, each week there will be another post made!

This week I am entering to win...


Baby To Bee Event Giveaways...

Gift Code for any item on site + free shipping

SwaddleLite fromSwaddleDesigns


2 wet bags and a Sun Baby diaper from J&N


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{Summer #BlogChallenge} Day 16

Fitness guru or couch potato? Talk about your fitness habits.

Well, let’s just say that I am a fitness enthusiast! My mom would say that I am a couch potato, but then again she doesn’t understand the importance of writing reviews, and entering giveaways :] During the day I do my motherly chores, washing/folding clothes, washing dishes, cleaning, school, etc. Which in my book should be counted as exercise.

In order to tell you about my fitness habits, I first need to tell you about me. I have been diagnosed by a medical doctor, with hypothyroidism and PCOS. Basically it means that instead of my body using insulin like it is suppose to, it just stores it into my fat. I was sent to a Endocrinologist to see what I could do, and they told me that no matter what I do that I would never be able to lose any weight. I tried for years to do different “diets”, but nothing seemed to work I would lose a little and then gain it back.

A friend of mine started going to this nutritionist and was having really good results. I decided to give it a go and two years later I am still going! She focuses not on weight loss, but on total body healing. I was in really bad shape before I started going and now I am a completely different person. Along with God’s miraculous help she has helped me to overcome my PCOS {poly cystic ovarian syndrome}, and now has given me a clear shot of my future with kids. I lost 20 lbs at first and that put me around 250, but I was basically starving myself, and that wasn’t healthy. She gave me the go ahead to start exercising now, and I started a little, but with school, I struggle to find time.

I do follow a strategic diet plan, where basically I do not eat any wheat or sugar, and stick to the whole foods. I admit that I do struggle at times, but I am still healthy, and if I am meant to be the size, then oh well, that’s me and I love me :]

What are your fitness habits?

{Sponsor Spotlight} Zookies Crafts


Family owned and operated store. Products can be purchased locally at Spoiled Silly in Lititz and Carla's Diapers in Millersville. Also available at Sweet Pea Diaper Service in Rochester, NY;

Cutie Poops and Bottoms in Orland Park, IL; Baby Bum Boutique in the UK.

Zookie graciously sent me the following size medium, Argyle Cover, in Aplix.


Ease of Use

This is my second diaper COVER ever! Sure we all think that the diapers are easier to use than the covers, but that is not entirely true. With the diapers we have to worry about stuffing and un-stuffing. With this cover all you have to do is prep it and then lay it flat and place an insert on it and then place under baby, snap and go. Also when it is time to change baby, you could just empty the insert into the wash or pail, and then re-use the shell. Easy peasy!



The cover that we reviewed is a size medium - 17" rise (15-25lbs). Natalie is 10 months and is weighing a little over 22lbs, and we had not problems with fitting issues, and this cover will surely last longer on her than 25lbs.


Seeing how each baby is made differently, these are the different sizes that this medium cover can go.


As you can see it is able to go a lot smaller for those with skinner thighs and bigger for those that are a little chunkier :]


The cover comes without an insert, so you will need to make sure that you have one on hand. I used this cover along with a normal sized microfiber insert and had no problems with leakage during the day.


Washing and Drying

With most aplix {velcro} closures, they tend to get “dirty” or “stuck” to everything while washing, but Zookies has taken care of that problem by adding laundry tabs on the inside of the cover.

cloth diaper cover -  remix - S,M,L - custom made

Just simply Velcro the tabs to the inside, and toss in the washer with no worries!

I first prepped this cover by washing it 3-5 times on a hot/cold cycle with my cloth diaper safe detergent and then sun dried. Zookies recommends to tumble dry at least once, to make sure that all closures are closed from sewing.

After washing this cover well over 10 times, I did not have any bleeding of covers, and neither did it fade.

Appearance, Quality, and Style

I was really amazed at the style and quality of this cover. There are so many covers out there that feel cheap and the color is just off, but not with Zookies! Her covers are a thick cotton print that is true to color, and it is really heavy duty and will last you through many uses {as long as it is properly taken care of}. I love the way it looks on little one’s bum.


Zookies also offers many other colors and styles, and they even offer matching shirts!

Baby's First Birthday -  Remix - matching tee and diaper cover set


One Zookie Cover = $15

Overall Rating


All in all, I love my diaper cover, and there is nothing that I would change!!


Buy It! Buy your very own ZookiesCrafts creation.

Can’t get enough of these cute covers? Visit Zookie at…

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{Summer #BlogChallenge} Day 15

Post a photo you took that you're proud of.

I really like this photo that I took! One reason being that I actually got all 6 people in the frame and we all look good :]


Hi everyone! I need to apologize for being a bit lackey in the posts these past two weeks! School started back and it has been busy!! I have a ton of reviews and blog posts to get up and going for you.

Sorry to all those that have supplied products to be reviewed. I am currently behind and will get caught up soon! I am reviewing them in the order that they were received.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Summer #BlogChallenge} Day 14

Give your followers 15 tips to get through life.

I know that I am suppose to give you 15 tips, but in all honesty there is only ONE thing that will help you make it through this earthly life and on to eternal life, and that is JESUS. You can come to know Him by following the ABC’s.

Admit to God that you are a sinner

Believe that Jesus is God’s Son

Confess your faith in Jesus as your Savior and more

and of course there are other things that you can do to strengthen your relationship, which is what I encourage.

Pray, read God’s Holy Word, and He will change your life dramatically for the better :]

Love you all!

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{Summer #BlogChallenge} Day 13

How you see yourself by the end of the year?

By the end of the year I see myself as a nursing student, on the road to become a RN!

{Summer #BlogChallenge} Day 12

Worst injury you've had & how it happened?

Is an injury the same thing as an infection? If so then it would have been back in March of this year. I have really bad eczema, and no matter what I tried I could not get it to heal. I would get these big whelps on my hand that would leak. Anyway one night I while I was taking a shower, I noticed that I could barely get my arm over my head. It felt like I had been holding a hard ball between my armpit all day. It took all I could to brush my hair and everything. I was pretty much exhausted anyways, so I went to bed. Well I woke up the next morning and could not feel my hand. It was swollen and painfully numb, plus my arm hurt really bad and all I could do was cry. I went to my parents room and woke them up and told them about my hand. It was then that we decided to go to the ER. We got to the ER pretty earlier and didn’t have to wait extremely long, even though it felt like we did!

They took me on back and the DR came in and checked me out, by then I had red streaks going up my arm, which gave her the impression that it may be shingles, but once I told my story she thought it was something different. They swabbed whelps and everything and said it would be two days until they found out what it was, but she was going to call the DR on call, and see what he wanted to do. Well he came in and saw the streaks and said that my eczema has became infected with some bacteria and that the streaks were from cellulitis, not blood poisoning! Thank you Lord!

He told me that he was going to admit me to the hospital, and give me some strong antibiotics. To make a long boring, first time hospital stay story short, I had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights, and it turned out to be MRSA, but it was still resilient to antibiotics, so he put me on some strong oral antibiotics along with some antibiotic cream to put on the hand, and I had to eat 4 things of yogurt a day so that I wouldn’t get a yeast infection. It took probably a good two weeks before my hand looked better, and now I still have the dry skin, but I am putting the cream on it for when it gets bad enough, and using lotion. Which reminds me – lotion time!

What was your worst injury?

Monday, June 11, 2012

{Sponsor Spotlight} CutiePaTooties by Lauren

At CutiePaTooties By Lauren we carry affordable cloth diapers that range from $6-$10. We also carry cloth diapering accessories such as wet/dry bags and changing mats. Our cloth diapers are AIO pocket diapers. They are one size fits all, because you adjust the size with all the snaps. That means 1 diaper fits your baby from birth to potty training! We have adorable leg warmers to go perfectly with our diapers and baby leg warmer pants that are just too cute to pass up! We also carry all handmade cloth headbands, crochet headbands, crochet hats, and crochet booties!

Lauren graciously sent me a wet.dry bag in the Polka Dot print and a solid purple OS Pocket Diaper.


Ease of Use

The diaper comes with 2 rise settings and 10 waist settings. I love the many snaps on the flaps along with the thigh snaps. The diaper comes with an insert that slides into the pocket. One of the things that I look for while reviewing a diaper that is a huge plus for me is if it can fold up like this below!


And it does! I really like using cloth diapers that do this because you just roll up the mess and then store it in the wet bag and don’t have to worry about any mess getting onto your hands when you are emptying the bag.

The wet bag is even easier to use. Just wash and then use the smaller compartment for the dry items and the larger compartment for the wet items.



Lauren states that this diaper fits babies from 0 to 35 pounds. Natalie is 10 months and is weighing in at 22 lbs.


We are on the 2nd rise setting and there is still plenty of room left to grow! I have no doubt that this diaper will last until potty training age.


The left is the smallest setting and the right is the largest setting. I believe that this is the largest diaper that I have seen so far. It is able to get small, however I am unsure if it will fit a newborn, the large setting with no doubt will fit a 35 pounder.


This wet bag may look small, but trust me it is not! It held all of this!


That is 7 diapers! I even had more room to stuff probably at least 2-3 more diapers, and this was in their normal form, not their rolled up form, so that may allow more room.



As I said above the diaper comes with 1 microfiber insert. I used the one insert on Natalie during the day and had no problems with leaking. I was a little worried at first when I say that the pocket opening was at the very back top. I just didn’t really care for the look of it, but once it was stuffed and the diaper was placed on. It made a big difference.


Washing and Drying

I started out by washing the diaper and the wet bag 5 times before use, and then hung both of them to dry in the sun. Lauren told me that you can just wash the wet bag once, and dry it before use, but I was already prepping diapers so I just added it along with them.

After 10 washings and sun dryings, the diaper and wet bag are still perfect. The color did not fade out from the sun and neither did the wet bag shrink.

Appearance, Quality, and Style

I really love the appearance and quality of both items. I love the purple of the diaper and the fact that both of them can be used for future kids, due to the fact that they are a unisex color. The quality is absolutely amazing for both products and truly measures up to any name brand.

Cutie PaTooties has many different styles of both items. See some of them below.



ONE Cutie PaTooties OS Pocket Diaper retails for an amazing price of $6.50 and the Minky Wet Bag for $7.50

Overall Rating


Overall I really like Cutie PaTooties’ products! From the diapers, to the wet bags, to the hairbows, to the baby legs; she has it all!

Lauren’s Story

I wanted to use cloth diapers for my son, who is now 20 months old, from the beginning. I knew they were better for the environment, better on our wallets, and better for my baby's bottom! But I was unable to do it from the beginning because of how much upfront money it was. Most cloth diapers are at least $17 each. I couldn't find any lower than that. It was so disappointing! That is why I wanted to make my own company that sold affordable cloth diapers so that everyone could have the opportunity to cloth diaper their baby, like I so badly wanted to. Even if it means I am not making  much money, I really just wanted to allow people to cloth diaper their babies and not have to give up so much upfront money. Another great thing about our cloth diapers is that they fit your baby from birth to potty training, so you only have to buy one set of diapers in the beginning, and you are good to go! That will save so many people thousands of dollars each. I now cloth diaper my son, and I couldn't be happier about it. It is so easy and it saves us so much money. One of my favorite parts about the diapers is just that they are so adorable! I love the leg warmers because they allow my son to be comfortable around the house in his diaper, and I know he is comfy and his legs are warm. Our other accessories are just plain adorable! I love all of my products and I personally use every one of them.


Buy It! Buy your very own Cutie PaTooties cloth diaper for a retail value of $6.50.

Follow Cutie PaTooties via Facebook to stay up to date on her flash sales!