Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcoming the Fall Giveaways! or other Giveaways!

Paige Maddison

She is giving 1 winner a: (for US only)
$15 gift card to a book store...Borders or Barnes & Noble and 2 hand made book marks (made by ME!) and since I'm a avid writer I've included some of my favorite post-it notes and pens inside a great book bag!  It will hold about 5 romance novels!

If she reaches 30 followers she will add a second prize
$10 gift card to one of the book stores and 1 hand made book mark.

Bewitched Bookworms


Sparkling Reviews

PINK CARDBOARD BOX220 Follower Giveaway: Box O’ Books 


Peace and Wolf Paws,

Digs My heart black




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