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The Knitting Project: Knit, Pray, Love

 Knit Pray Love


**This is from the info at Mornings With Brant. I am not going to Afghanistan; even though I think it would be amazing to help out at Cure International and to see God work in these little angels’ life and their families life. I do not know how to knit so I am going to crochet. Hopefully if school allows me the time. I think it would be amazing if you all could participate in this amazing mission work. For those who don’t know God and how much he loves you and wants you to love Him to then maybe He can use this post to stir your heart and make you fill FULL again. If anyone has any questions about Christ or needs any prayers then please email me at: , if you are uncomfortable posting it in the comments. DO NOT email me if you plan on trashing God or this post. Only email me if you are interested in everlasting love and the true eternal life that God can give you, or if you need prayer, or a question about this post. Thanks for taking the time to read this.**

We have a need:  Chilly newborn babies.
We have a secret weapon:  You.  If you can knit.
And please:  Forward and share this note  with friends, if you like. 

I'm headed back to Afghanistan in November, Lord-willing.  Anyone who has seen or read "The Kite Runner" will know the neighborhood, or what's left of it.  I'm going back to CURE International's hospital, which is one of the most remarkable places, one of the most God-is-here places, I've ever been, in the midst of what it otherwise a very dark, dangerous place.

The hospital would like knitted baby stuff:  Baby blankets, caps, and booties.  I want to stuff as many of these, vacuum-packed, into my suitcases as possible.  If you can knit, we need you.  But it's more than just knitting.  We need your heart. Please, while you're knitting your acts of mercy for the -- truly -- very least of these, pray for the little one who'll be warmed by it.  And the mom.  And the dad.  And their country.

Be aware of what you're doing.  Pin your name and hometown to the final product, and send it to us.  (Address to come, shortly.)  Pray for the brave doctors, too (there was recently a mass murder of medical missionaries in the area) and our servicemen and women.  But mostly, think about that little one, and ask God for mercy on her.  Or him.  

Thank you for thinking about doing this.  Thank you for being part of our little morning show, and our wonderful radio family.

Some quick FAQ's:4752411097_ff703b7f09_z

Can I give used stuff, or go buy new stuff?

I'd really love for this to be a process -- the knitting and praying, itself -- rather than just another drive.  This is about God changing us, too.  

And we want each new mom to know that you hand-made this blessing for her baby, specifically for HER baby. 

What about crocheted stuff, rather than knitted?

We can take knitted or tightly crocheted items. The winters there are very harsh so make sure that it is tight so that the baby will stay warm.  

What if you get more than you can handle?

If we wind up with more than CURE can use in Kabul -- I'm not sure how likely that is -- CURE says they'll gladly use them for little newborns at their hospitals in other developing countries.  

When you say, "pray while you're knitting", what are you asking for, exactly...?

Don't let this be a burden.  Just be reflective at times during the process, ask God for mercy for the little newborn this will be warming, maybe have a conversation with God about it.  Let it be an act of joy.  It's certainly cause for it!  God's Kingdom is here, and the King has a heart for the poor, a heart for children, a heart for mothers in need.  Thank God for that!

If you would like a pattern check out some of these
Please mail by *November 1st*

CURE International

701 Bosler Avenue

Lemoyne, PA 17043

And please attach your name, hometown, and a personal note to the mom, letting her know you are praying for her and her newborn baby.

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  1. I will definitely crochet up something and send it. Thanks for the post.


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