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Etsy Shop Review : Apolline from France

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Apolline’s Bio:

"Apolline" is a French brand of accessories intended for those who have kept their children's spirit...

Apolline is also the name of the designer. She grew up surrounded by cuddly toys and dolls in the toy's store of her parents - what a dream!

It is for that reason that her creations are full with colors and cheerfulness. As for the French countryside, its nature and flowers are essential for me: "I draw on energy, rhythm and forms of my creations”.

Each product is 100% artisanal! We have been selling in France via an other name for a few years and now we are ready to present "APOLLINE" to people around the world via the internet....

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Thanks for looking.
Bienvenue dans le monde d'Apolline!

I found this cute, amazing shop the other day while browsing around Etsy. I loved the way that it was something different than I have ever seen. I also loved the fact that it came from Paris. How many of you have always wanted something from Paris? Show of hands. I do I do! Not only can you keep the product as a souvenir I also keep the package that it was sent in. It was amazing to see something shipped from a different country.

Here are a few of the products Apolline has to offer (including what I received):

key holder


Here is stylish mini Sophie as a key holder, she is made of artificial fur fabric on her front, her back is made with fleece fabric and she is paying attention to everything with her unique eye! She is stuffed with organic cotton and love.

She is about 12cm/4,5inches tall and comes with a small chain keyholder and a phone strap, you choose wich one you want to use.

You can use her to hold your keys, put her on your handbag, as a phone strap....

zipper pouch


This pouch/purse was made using purple fleece fabric and poly spandex fabric as shellfish designs. It is interfaced and padded with a layer of heavy batting for both form and function. Sure to keep anything you may carry in it safe! Use it for cosmetics, cameras, small electronic items, cellphones...the list goes on and on!

Measurements are about 8.5"(22cm) wide across, and 5.5"(14cm)tall. Only few of those purses were made!



This cute litlle flower is a decorative piece to be posed anywhere in your house, office...or to be given as a gift to your friend. It will add some joy and happyness. Thanks to their soft body and harder material at the bottom so they can stand.

Measurements are about 4.5"(12cm)tall.






This bag was made using yellow fleece fabric and light purple velour fabric. It has 1 large pocket and 1 med. size pocket with zip, perfect for cell phone, glasses or what ever you need a pocket for.

Measurements are about 13.5"(35cm) wide across, 3,5"(9cm) deep, and 14.5"(36cm)tall. Straps are about 35"(90cm) long from end to end. Only few of those bags were made!





This cute little alien name is Sophie, from the ZyeuxDoux's family. She is Leon and Yvette's cute little daughter.
She is made of artificial fur fabric on her front, her back is made with fleece fabric and she is paying attention to everything with her only eye! She is stuffed with organic cotton and love.

Sophie stands about 18cm/7inches tall and will sit wherever you put her because she can stand on her own: thanks to her 5 legs!

She is great to snuggle into and looks good on a bed or dresser in a child or adult's room.

Her plastic eye cannot be removed to insure the secutity of a very young child.

Loved by babies , toddlers, children and adults, this unique design of my very own has sold very well in France, the country I live.


As you can tell Apolline has many unique items to offer. I absolutely fell in love with the little spotted toy. I named him Toby. LOL. I also really liked the bag. It is soft, has plenty of room, and has a decent strap so that it will not hurt your shoulder. I must admit that I was blown away with the sewing. It was perfect. I inspected the products inside and out and even smelled them. Many people may think that this is crazy but I have to smell my products before I used them. These surprisingly smelt good. Who would’ve thought after coming from a different country and travleing as long as they did. Which brings me to the next thing. Shipping. The shipping actually took about a week and I usually wait that long to get a book. So it wasn’t a very long wait.

Another thing you can do what I do and use the bag as a book bag for the library or for travel. The flower and spotted toy are living on my book case and are holding up my books. That’s how sturdy they are. I really loved these items and hope that you will check out her shop and give her a chance to woo you too. This shop’s banner will be posted at the top of my blog for you to click on to visit.

5 wolf pawsMore about the Artist:


Name: Apolline
Store Name: ApollineFromFrance
Store URL:
Blog Name and URL (if you have one): and

1. Tell us a little about yourself, the seller behind the store.

I have always liked to make things, I love to read too, but for the last few years, I have been busy being a mom. I’ve been drawing and crafting since I was a little girl.
My inspiration comes from the world around me and the French countryside: its nature and flowers are essential for me: "I draw from it my energy, rhythm and forms of my creations”.

2. What's your store about? What do you typically sell or sell the most?

Mostly handbags and toys that I create. Since about a year, I am starting to get involve with baby’s stuff…you’ll see more very soon…. Also, my new collection is on the way…

3. Why did you decide to open a shop?

I was getting a lot of positive feedbacks from friends and family and they’ve pushed me to create my own brand!

4. What does your shop mean to you?

Happiness! I am so blessed to be able to live with my creations, I would not change my life for all the money in the world!

5. Random Questions, pick one or as many as you like and tell why.

Crayons or Color Pencils : Colored pencils.
Anchovies or Pepperoni : Pepperoni.
Pink or Blue : Pink, but I like blue a lot as well. I do not really have a favorite color since I like all of them
Cherries or Blueberries : I like both.
Flip Flops or Sneakers : I wear flip flops the most.

*I did not receive any monetary gain for posting this review. The artist kindly sent me the products in exchange for the review. The review is my own personal feelings. I was not forced to say what I said.*

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