Monday, September 27, 2010

Package from Shay?!

OK, So by now I’m sure you all have seen the mysterious books that Shay has sent to a few people and also posted on his facebook page. If not the check them out at . Here are the pictures of what I received. I know my pictures aren’t great quality but its all I have :(
Anyway here is the book and then the secret code pages.

Shadowshay (2) Title: Harvard Classics 16 – The Thousand and One Nights
Author: Collier
Shadowshay (5) It reads: “Within the packs the use of family should be ingrained within all of them from the first born on down. We can make use of this sense of duty. Family must be more than a word it must be the very nature in which they are brought up and taught to serve.”
Shadowshay (3)Starting at the top and going from left to right the letters are:

“L D A I S the Earth”
Shadowshay (4)
“E J E N A N destiny the this wife inherited was son murdered”

Any ideas as to what it all could mean?

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  1. Don't go left to right!!! Start with the first word and then follow the lines of the drawing....


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