Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blog Help!

#1 - Is it true that we can only follow 300 blogs? I tried to manually add a site to my blog list and it said that I have reach my maximum following of 300.

#2 – If you follow a blog using your Twitter account then how can you keep up with there post?

Any ideas on these two questions?

Peace and Wolfsbane,

Digs My heart black



  1. #1 ~ You can follow as many as you want using Google Reader. I've started doing that instead os using the Blogger dashboard.

    #2 ~ You can only keep up with posts via Twitter if the bloggers make sure to tweet about new posts.

    Hope that helps!

  2. I had this problem too. but if you look at your blogger bashboard, on the same level that the button "ADD" is on in the bottom right hand corner there is "View Google Reader". Click on that (it could take a little time to load). Once you do in the top left of the page there should be a button "Add a Subsctiption" Click on that and it will let you put more blogs in :)

    Hope that helps you!

  3. You had me scared for a minute there! I think I'm almost to 300...but I use Google Reader, so (according to those knowledgeable folks who already commented) I think I'm good. Plus, Google Reader's great--you can categorize the blogs for a bit more organization. :)

  4. Once you pass 300, you are correct, you cannot manually add them.
    They will still appear on your dashboard though if you use the GFC follow box in their profile.


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