Friday, September 17, 2010

Etsy Shop Review: Riky and Nina


Shop Announcement:

Welcome to my shop!
Weather Update: 100% chance of cuteness. New items listed every week! Keep on visiting!
Where else can you find me?

I found this amazing little shop the other day while browsing around Etsy. I absolutely love their products. They are extremely cute and look economy safe. I also liked the feeling I got while browsing around their shop. It was like a “come on in and prop your feet up” kind of feeling, instead of the usual “if your not gonna buy something then get out” kind of feel. If you know what I mean?

Here are a few of the many wonderful products they offer [including the product I received]:




Kawaii / kitsch shabby chic handcrafted WRISTLET/CLUTCH with stuffed fabric MINI OWL BROOCH.
Approximately 6" high by 7" wide, with a removable coordinating fabric key fob wristlet
can be a mobile/cellphone bag, make-up, passport/bus pass holder, camera or gadget bag
Made of CATH KIDSON electric flowers fabric and aina natura linen with JAPANESE print fabric tape and fully lined with soft fabric.
PLUS accented with a REMOVABLE plush stuffed fabric linen
GOODIE OWL brooch, made from KOREAN linen with felt beak & eyes.





Set of a selection of 50 hand-cut round corner MINI business card TAG blanks (using a traditional guillotine) from recycled high quality cardstock with 75-100% recycled content with natural finish (the difference between the standard cardstock and the superior cardstock is they have slightly better feel / texture and have inclusions in them)
These are ready to use for customized stamped business / name cards, hang tags, mini post cards or even place markers.
+size: 80mm x 28cm
+thickness: 280gsm / 100lb cover (except oatmeal at 320gsm/120lb)
+quantity: 50pcs





Each approximately 2.5" high by 2.5" wide
Made of brand new color coordinated fabric in matching salmon pink polka dot print, each accented with button eyes, felt beak, and a small heart plus natural twill tape ribbon. All filled with carded hollow fiberfill.




Rare natural color hairy 2 ply JUTE twine string.
This string is perfect to use for hang tags, parcel/gift wrapping or to accent your craft creations.

+length: 1 meter (just over 1 yard)
+thickness: 1mm
+strength: 8lbs




Set of a selection of 50 hand-cut round corner business card blanks (using a traditional guillotine) from recycled cardstock with 75-100% recycled content
These are ready to use for customized stamped business / name cards, hang tags, mini post cards or even place markers.
+size: 90mm x 50mm
+thickness: 270gsm / 100lb cover
+quantity: 50pcs


I received what is in the last picture. The 50 blank business cards. I absolutely love them and I have nothing on them :D I am expecting a business card stamp hopefully sometime soon. After I do I will start sending out business cards. They are extremely sturdy and the colors are amazing. They are vibrant and well rounded. I love the feel of them being made out of  recycled paper. It gives it a unique touch. They came packaged nicely with a ribbon holding them together. I absolutely loved talking with Nina and was glad that she was there when I needed her. I will most definitely be getting my business supplies from her for now on. Why you may ask? Let’s see they’re affordable, excellent quality, great service, and did I mention they’re cheap? LOL. In a good way cheap :D

5 wolf paws


get_convo_image.phpName: Nina Picazo-Parton (aka rikyandnina)
Store Name: Raindrop Chart and Rampant Onion
Store Url:
Blog Name and Url: Raindrop Chart and Rampant Onion

I came from a family of tailors and dressmakers and love creating kitsch lovable items made of fabric. I am currently in-love with owls which is my theme. My card line was brought out of necessity. Finding how hard it was to source colorful cards, I made it a point to make my find available to everyone specially crafters like me.

My shop is about cute little owls and anything I fancy making really and my colorful cards which are doing really well at the minute.

I always wanted a corner shop and etsy has made that a reality. Its now my outlet for my creations and finds.

My shop is me. Its my personality tied with a bow.

Color Pencils because I like to draw with color.
Pepperoni because I love real Mediterranean pizza.
Blue because its the color of the ocean and the sky.
Blueberries because i love cheesecake.
Flipflops because they are the first thing I look for when I get home.

Thank you Nina for the product and for answering my question, but most importantly for having such an amazing shop!

Peace and Fangs,

Digs My heart black


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  2. I wonder if you would like my Etsy shop?! Feel free to check it out!

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  4. P.s.s I don't know why but I can't see my first post! Just in case it really isn't there, it said that I wonder if you would like my Etsy shop... I'm in dire need of a review!


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