Monday, September 20, 2010

IMM 09.13.10-09.19.10

il_430xN_108252654 This is for the week of September the 13th-19th!


Dante’s Journey by JC Marino

Nothing Like you by Strasnick

Captivate by Jones

Losing Faith by Jaden

Manifest by Arthur

Girl In The Arena by Haines

The Skein and the Pair by Nelson

Breathless by Warman

The Sweetness of Salt by Galante

The Twin’s Daughter by Baratz-Logsted

Girl, Stolen by Henry

Greek: Best Frenemies by Warner

Carrie Pilby by Lissner

Vanished by Gray

*A surprise book my Cynthia Letich Smith that I cannot share until October, but it is AWESOME :D*


091910 (2)Dracula in Love by Essex

Vampire Academy [1] by Mead

Old Magic by Curley


091910 (3) [2] Losing Faith bookmarks

[1] Signed with a note postcard of Losing Faith

[1] Signed The Crescent by Jordan Deen bookmark

[1] Signed Forget-Her-Nots bookmark by Amy White

[1] Signed Rae bookmark by Cheksea Swiggett

[1] Tell Me a Secret bookmark by Holly Cupala

[1] Tell Me a Secret chapter sampler by Holly Cupala *not pictured*

[1] Shadow Hills button

[1] Star sticker

[7] The Countess and the King bookmarks

[1] The Dust of 100 Dogs bookmark

[1] The Panic Zone bookmark

I would say that this was an AMAZING week in books. Never have I received 18 books in the mail! It was almost 3 books a day :D I love getting mail. Now I just have to find the time to read all of these books. Not to mention the fact that I need to be reading my nursing book as I write this. I start clinicals Wednesday so please say a prayer for me!!

What did everyone else get?

Peace and Fangs,

Digs My heart black


  1. Your so lucky! You have some great books to read.

  2. You got quite a haul!
    I love Vampire Academy sooo much- I hope you do too.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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