Friday, June 22, 2012

{Review} Fun Bites

FunBites is an essential kitchen tool for families with kids. It is perfect for for picky eaters and Bento lunches. FunBites cuts kids' food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. It goes WAY BEYOND sandwich cutters! FunBites works fantastic on pancakes, waffles, deli, cheese, burgers and more. Made of the strongest plastic material available, FunBites is strudy and durable. Because FunBites makes mealtime interactive and more exciting, kids will try new things and eat healthier. Plus mealtime is made simple... bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds. FunBites is patented because it is a first and only.

FunBites - bite sized mealtime magic!

FunBites was so kind as to send us the following green squared cutter to try out.

Cube It!

Ease of Use

This cutter is not only extremely simple and easy to use, but it is also fun! I remember while growing up my grandmother would always take a pair of scissors and cut our sandwich up into little squares. Keep in mind that back then her scissors were all metal. I have tried cutting sandwiches up into little squares with household scissors, and let me be the one to tell you that it is most definitely NOT easy to do. That is where FunBites come in.

This little cutter sure packs a big punch. Simply wash it in your regular dishes or toss it in on the first rack in a dishwasher, and allow it to dry. The all you do is take the big rectangle and place it on the item to be cut, next place the smaller rectangle inside the bigger and press it through!

See it in Action!


I started off with a piece of cheese. I know it is not much, but it was the first thing I grabbed, and baby is not really ready for the extreme foods yet.


Next, I placed the cutter over the cheese.


Then, I put the smaller one through and pushed out all my tiny perfect squares of cheese! Then I ate them :)


See, it is even baby approved! This is another awesome feature of the FunBite cutter. It has no sharp points, or blades, so if baby finds it and thanks that it is a toy, then it will be safer than the others!

The equal part of the cutter and the sheer force of pressure, causes this cutter to cut!

Appearance, Quality, Style

I love the color and appearance of this cutter, and not to mention that it is every OCD-er’s dream to have the perfectly lined up squares. The quality is simply amazing, not only is it BPA Free, but it is also MADE IN THE USA!!

FunBites offers not only this green rectangle, but also a purplish-pink heart.

Buy One of Each!

If there is one thing that I could change about the FunBites cutters, it would me to offer more shapes and color options. Maybe circles, or it would be seriously cool, if they could be personalized!


You can buy one cutter {rectangle or heart} for $12.99 each or both for $22! By buying 2 you end up saving $4!

Their Story

Thank you for visiting us at FUNBITES®. My name is Bobbie Rhoads. My husband and I have two girls...Jackie who is now 11 and Dylan who is 7. A few years ago we came up with FUNBITES®. Jackie has always been a great eater. She would eat pretty much whatever you gave her so long as the food was neat and organized. My little one, Dylan, was a different story. She was truly picky nicky - she liked the same food all the time, didn't like to try new things, unless it was junk food. 

At meals we would spend so much time cutting food into small shapes. Wouldn't it be easier if there was something we could just press down into their food and bippity boppity boo! would be made into bite-sized pieces? Maybe our kids would try new foods and eat better; maybe mealtime could be less stressful and more fun. Is that even possible?  

Welcome to FUNBITES®. It cuts food into bite-sized shapes. FUNBITES® works on kid-friendly food from lunch meat and cheese to hamburgers, pancakes and fish. Jackie loves FUNBITES® because the food is cut neatly and evenly. Dylan finally eats her food, real food, not junk food. 

We just had to share FUNBITES® with you. Maybe you have a kid like ours or maybe you simply want to add a little more fun and simplicity to your kitchen. We hope FUNBITES® makes your mealtime more nutritious, a little easier and a lot more fun. FUNBITES® Bite-sized mealtime magic!

Overall Rating


I really love my FunBites cutter, and the fact that they are made in the USA! I would have to say that this is a necessity for any toddler household! 


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  1. Funbites look so cute and so easy! Thanks for sharing. These will be perfect for muffin tin meals.

  2. That looks pretty handy. My girls are a little too old for it right now, but my fiance and I are planning to concieve :) So I hope to have a new little one in the house before too long. I can see where using it for lunch meats, cheeses and breads would make easy bite sized treats!

  3. Those are awesome! I think I need some of those, lol.

  4. I love this idea! so creative!


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