Monday, June 4, 2012

{Shake, Rattle, and Roll Sponsor} Smart Snugs


Our one-size cloth diapering system is designed to create an easy and cost effective solution for today's busy families. Using our bio-liners, you can take the mess out of cloth diapering.


Our brand mission is to offer high quality and easy to use cloth diaper solutions at a lower up-front cost than leading brands. We pair this proposition with an awesome 1 year warranty to help reassure you that you aren't sacrificing quality for a better price!

Smart Snugs sent me the following One Size Pocket Bamboo diaper in white.


-For sensitive bums or parents who prefer natural materials for their baby. The best cloth solution for avoiding diaper rash.

-Designed to keep your baby's sensitive skin as healthy as possible by combining the benefits of a stay-dry design with the antibacterial qualities of natural bamboo.

-Bamboo charcoal micro fleece wicks moisture, fights odors and bacteria naturally, and protects your baby's soft skin.

-5 layer soaker pad with 2 layers of bamboo cotton offers the most absorbent solution available while fighting odors and bacteria.


-Keeps baby dry

-One-size fits all babies. Rise snaps, hip snaps, and overlapping waist snaps ensure a precise fit.

-One year warranty

Ease of Use

I love that this diaper comes with a thigh snap so that it can make fastening around the thighs easier. It comes with a bamboo soaker that slides into the pocket and then an optional nighttime booster that can be purchased separately. The snaps are easy to fasten and the elastic provides an ease of sliding the diaper on.


This OS Pocket fits babies from 8 to 35 lbs. Natalie is 9 months and weighing a few ounces over 19 lbs.


We are in the 2nd rise setting, the 4th waist setting and the 3rd leg setting, and there is still plenty of room left to grow. I have no doubt that this diaper will make it to the potty training stage.


This diaper is also able to fit even the smallest 8lb baby {left} and the biggest 35lb toddler {right}. I love that the elastic in both the waist and the legs is not too tight. It is important to have a diaper that can actually grow with your child with no worries of red marks.



Even though I was sent the extra nighttime booster insert, there was no need for it, yet. The bamboo did its job and held up against the hoover dam, but if I was going to use the booster, this is how I would do it.


I love that it is a perfect fit for the diaper and it is not hanging an inch or two over. I also love how soft the fabric is to baby’s bum. The bamboo provides a soft material and is not scratchy like most micro fleece.


This is a neat little treat that the extra wing snaps provide.


It allows the diaper to be folded just like we fold sposies, except this is cuter and much more safer.

Washing and Drying

Here is a great list of rules on how to wash your diapers that Smart Snugs provides…

Basic washing instructions:


Pre-wash all diapers at least one time before putting them on your baby to remove any residue left from production or handling.




Every day washing instructions are:

-Pre rinse/wash in cold water to remove all leftover waste and help fight stains


-Wash hot with a splash of baking soda and a free and clear detergent


-Follow with a second cold water rinse


-Hang dry covers. Dry inserts/soakers in dryer on low heat.

Although some people choose to keep their dirty cloth diapers in a wet pail, we recommend a dry pail method since it is less messy. In this method, wet and soiled diapers are  placed within a covered (or uncovered) pail with no pre-soaking. Odors and mess can easily be controlled by using our Smart Snug liners to prevent messy #2 from getting on your diapers!


If you prefer not to use the liners, shake your diaper in the toilet and remove waste before putting the diaper in your diaper pail.


We recommend washing your diapers every other day. Generally, loads should contain NO MORE than about 24 cloth diapers. Do not wash your diapers with your normal clothes and be sure to use a free and clear detergent.

I started out by washing my diaper and inserts 5 times on a hot wash cold rinse cycle, then placed my inserts in the dryer on low heat, while hanging my diapers to sun. Sometimes when it rains, I hang my diaper shells up in the laundry room to dry.

After washing this diaper more than 10 times with my Rockin’ Green detergent, and sun drying, I had no problems whatsoever!

Appearance, Quality, and Style

The appearance of this diaper is so adorable on baby and I love the fact that it is a unisex color so that I can use for many babies to come. I also love that it is white just like we all thought diapers use to be before we switched to cloth.


The quality of this Smart Snugs diaper is phenomenal! It is soft yet functional, and the diaper holds up against even the dirtiest messes.

Smart Snugs offers many different styles in this type of Bamboo diaper. Check out the picture below.



ONE Smart Snugs OS Bamboo Pocket Diaper retails for $18.00.

Overall Rating


Overall I really like the Smart Snugs diaper, and I find it really hard to have anything to complain about. I guess the only thing would be that I wish they had more print choices. Maybe princesses and superheroes?


Buy It! Buy your very own Smart Snugs cloth diaper for a retail value of $18.00.

WIN IT! One lucky winner will receive their very own Smart Snugs bamboo cloth diaper in their choice of color during the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Event on May 22nd!

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  1. What a cute diaper! Great review. Love the wrap and snap feature!

  2. I love when diapers have color combinations!!! I hope to have a little girl next... she will be wearing dresses with little cute diapers underneath, like this one!

  3. i love the simple look of these and the bamboo!

  4. i love that these are bamboo instead of microfleece!


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