Monday, June 4, 2012

{Summer #Blog Challenge} Day 4

So there is another hard question today, after all it is a challenge.

What is the meaning behind your blog name?

For starters, the name of my blog is Ashley Suzanne, duh! LOL. Back in 2010 I started out as Ashley’s Bookshelf, and blogged about nothing but books and such. Well after awhile I got tired of just blogging about books; I wanted to venture out and blog about something that is near and dear to my heart and not to mention that it brings joy and smiles to my face. Thus, Ashley Suzanne {the blog} was born. I wanted to venture into the realm of motherhood. Seeing how some think that this is a little weird for someone with no children to do, I still chose to do it. Even though I do not have my own children, I do babysit often and help in the church nursery. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to grow in my blogging after switching over my blog name and it truly allows me to be flexible, and not have to be labeled as one thing. I have met some pretty amazing mommies, joined some mommy groups, and even gotten some things to review and keep for future uses! I used to be afraid that I would not be able to have children, due to irregularity, but God has brought me past that and I just know that he has a family planned for me, in His own timing! Before I started digging further into mommy and baby products, I was a little lost on what I wanted to incorporate into my children, and what all I wanted to pass on to them, but now I am so happy to say that I have passed that point and I am now headstrong in how I want to raise them up under God!

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Well, I know that this was maybe a little off topic, but I really like how it just started flowing when I started typing, after all I am trying to get on a more personal level with you :]


  1. I can tell that you will be a great mommy!

  2. ha ha! I am glad you expanded to other things:-)

  3. That is great! :) You sound like a very mature 21 year old! :) And you will be a great mommy!

  4. This is a great idea! start collecting ideas and things! i kinda did that but i was afraid i would go to crazy buying and didnt know about gievaways and such back then!

  5. i wish i had known about all the baby products and whatnot before i had my daughter


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