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{Sponsor Spotlight} CutiePaTooties by Lauren

At CutiePaTooties By Lauren we carry affordable cloth diapers that range from $6-$10. We also carry cloth diapering accessories such as wet/dry bags and changing mats. Our cloth diapers are AIO pocket diapers. They are one size fits all, because you adjust the size with all the snaps. That means 1 diaper fits your baby from birth to potty training! We have adorable leg warmers to go perfectly with our diapers and baby leg warmer pants that are just too cute to pass up! We also carry all handmade cloth headbands, crochet headbands, crochet hats, and crochet booties!

Lauren graciously sent me a wet.dry bag in the Polka Dot print and a solid purple OS Pocket Diaper.


Ease of Use

The diaper comes with 2 rise settings and 10 waist settings. I love the many snaps on the flaps along with the thigh snaps. The diaper comes with an insert that slides into the pocket. One of the things that I look for while reviewing a diaper that is a huge plus for me is if it can fold up like this below!


And it does! I really like using cloth diapers that do this because you just roll up the mess and then store it in the wet bag and don’t have to worry about any mess getting onto your hands when you are emptying the bag.

The wet bag is even easier to use. Just wash and then use the smaller compartment for the dry items and the larger compartment for the wet items.



Lauren states that this diaper fits babies from 0 to 35 pounds. Natalie is 10 months and is weighing in at 22 lbs.


We are on the 2nd rise setting and there is still plenty of room left to grow! I have no doubt that this diaper will last until potty training age.


The left is the smallest setting and the right is the largest setting. I believe that this is the largest diaper that I have seen so far. It is able to get small, however I am unsure if it will fit a newborn, the large setting with no doubt will fit a 35 pounder.


This wet bag may look small, but trust me it is not! It held all of this!


That is 7 diapers! I even had more room to stuff probably at least 2-3 more diapers, and this was in their normal form, not their rolled up form, so that may allow more room.



As I said above the diaper comes with 1 microfiber insert. I used the one insert on Natalie during the day and had no problems with leaking. I was a little worried at first when I say that the pocket opening was at the very back top. I just didn’t really care for the look of it, but once it was stuffed and the diaper was placed on. It made a big difference.


Washing and Drying

I started out by washing the diaper and the wet bag 5 times before use, and then hung both of them to dry in the sun. Lauren told me that you can just wash the wet bag once, and dry it before use, but I was already prepping diapers so I just added it along with them.

After 10 washings and sun dryings, the diaper and wet bag are still perfect. The color did not fade out from the sun and neither did the wet bag shrink.

Appearance, Quality, and Style

I really love the appearance and quality of both items. I love the purple of the diaper and the fact that both of them can be used for future kids, due to the fact that they are a unisex color. The quality is absolutely amazing for both products and truly measures up to any name brand.

Cutie PaTooties has many different styles of both items. See some of them below.



ONE Cutie PaTooties OS Pocket Diaper retails for an amazing price of $6.50 and the Minky Wet Bag for $7.50

Overall Rating


Overall I really like Cutie PaTooties’ products! From the diapers, to the wet bags, to the hairbows, to the baby legs; she has it all!

Lauren’s Story

I wanted to use cloth diapers for my son, who is now 20 months old, from the beginning. I knew they were better for the environment, better on our wallets, and better for my baby's bottom! But I was unable to do it from the beginning because of how much upfront money it was. Most cloth diapers are at least $17 each. I couldn't find any lower than that. It was so disappointing! That is why I wanted to make my own company that sold affordable cloth diapers so that everyone could have the opportunity to cloth diaper their baby, like I so badly wanted to. Even if it means I am not making  much money, I really just wanted to allow people to cloth diaper their babies and not have to give up so much upfront money. Another great thing about our cloth diapers is that they fit your baby from birth to potty training, so you only have to buy one set of diapers in the beginning, and you are good to go! That will save so many people thousands of dollars each. I now cloth diaper my son, and I couldn't be happier about it. It is so easy and it saves us so much money. One of my favorite parts about the diapers is just that they are so adorable! I love the leg warmers because they allow my son to be comfortable around the house in his diaper, and I know he is comfy and his legs are warm. Our other accessories are just plain adorable! I love all of my products and I personally use every one of them.


Buy It! Buy your very own Cutie PaTooties cloth diaper for a retail value of $6.50.

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  1. Hey I just bought a camo wetbag that looks just like that camo one in the picture, but it's from Alva. I haven't tried it out yet, lol. I just washed/dried it though so I will today.

  2. Love that blue dot wet bag! and the camo one! I need to snatch up a new wet bag. Maybe this one!

  3. cute cloth diapers, and love the price tag! I'm definitely going to one of them out.


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