Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Shake, Rattle, and Roll Sponsor} Sun Baby


A favorite for all moms who cloth diaper on a budget! Our pocket style diapers are not only budget friendly, but also easy to use, great looking and one of the best on the market! If you have always wanted to cloth diaper, but didn’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to wait any longer. With our one size diapers you can cloth diaper from birth to potty training for as little as $60.


We at Sunbaby want to help you all make the planet a better place to live and better parents for babies by cloth diapering!!

I was sent the following 4.0 Pocket Diaper, Size 2 in the Argyle print without an insert.


Ease of Use

I love that this diaper comes with a thigh snap so that it can make fastening around the thighs easier. It is suppose to come with a microfiber insert that slides into the pocket. The snaps are easy to fasten.


The diapers come in a Size 1 or a size 2. Natalie is weighing 22 lbs as of right now and we chose the size 2.


Usually with her, I just leave the rise settings open, but this one could have easily fitted with the rise snaps closed. I really liked how this diaper fitted. It was not too bulky with the one insert and I could have easily fitted two inserts in there with no problem!


The smallest size {left} is being compared to the small size of a Cutie PaTooties diaper by Lauren, as you can see the Sun Baby as a size two is a lot smaller than that of the OS diaper. I am a little unsure why Sun Baby has two different sizes, when this one seems to get pretty small? The largest size {right} is not quite as big as the OS, so it may have some trouble going all the way for a 35 pounder.



Sun Baby {right} has a back pocket only.

Seeing how I was not sent an insert, I can not truly say how good the leakage control is or not. I did use a plain microfiber insert that I had, and I had no problems with leaking. I don’t know if that would be the same with the inserts that comes with it or not.

Product description – Inner

Washing and Drying

I washed the diaper 5 times before using; with my Molly Suds detergent, and then hung to dry.

After more washing and wearing, I am still happy to report that I have had no problems.

Appearance, Quality, and Style

Sun Baby diapers are manufactured in China and developed from a mom and dad. The appearance of the diaper is really something. It is not only adorable, but it has good quality too. Just because this diaper is not made in the US does not mean it isn’t a great diaper, or cheaper in any way. It provides a good fit, doesn’t leak and makes your baby’s bum the more fluffier :]

Sun Baby also has a good bit of different styles from print to solid colors.



Sun Baby diapers come in packs. You can get the least which includes 6 diapers without inserts for $30 or the most which includes 24 diapers with 48 inserts for $144. So basically you can buy all the diapers you will ever need for only $144, whereas some are over $400+.

Overall Rating


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Sun Baby diaper, if I had to change one thing, it would be that the size 2 should be bigger.


Buy It! Buy your very own Sun Baby diaper for a retail value of $5.00.

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  1. I love sunbaby diapers! They have such cute prints!

  2. i love the value of sunbaby and the choice of sizes.... sometimes OS doesnt seem to fit right!

  3. I am going to direct my sister in-law here if she decides she likes cloth diapers. I'm buying her 7 Alva diapers from a co-op, less than $3.50/per diaper since we're ordering all at once in large amounts. I also have 2 small Fuzzibunz to give her. She just wants to try them out with her new baby due in August before she decides if she likes them or not. These seem like a good deal for someone on a budget, such as herself.


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