Friday, June 1, 2012

{Review} Honey Bunches of Oats

Honey Bunches of Oats

In 1951, Vernon J. Herzing started working for Post Cereals as a summer student in the factory. He joined Post full-time in 1960 and, in 1976, was named a facility manager in Battle Creek, Michigan.

In 1986, Vern had the idea to combine several existing Post cereals to create a new product – one that would outsell all of the others. He and his daughter set out to create the perfect cereal combination.

Three years and many taste tests later, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal was introduced to the market. Since its launch in 1989, it has become one of the top-selling cereals in America.


Four grains coming together for more taste, more texture and more healthy satisfaction!

I must admit, that this is my first time, ever, tasting Honey Bunches of Oats. I remember when I was younger seeing my papa eat it, but I never tried it, I just stuck to my sugar filled cereal.

I was so excited to receive a box of this to try along from being a Purex Insider. We opened it up and by the end of the same day, the box was empty.


I was surprised at how much flavor they have, especially with only 6 grams of sugar. The one thing that I didn’t like, was that it tended to become soggy to soon. I like crunchy cereal :]


My sister, Marlee, was the first to try them, of course. She is not much of a breakfast food person, so she didn’t care too much for the oats, and after a bite or two she passed it on to me.


Wow. Extremely bad picture of me, but oh well. I actually loved the honey roasted flavor and the texture of the cereal. I also didn’t care too much for the oats by themselves, but they were okay mixed in.


My dad said they were ok, but not his all time favorite. He typically tends to go toward the toasted mini wheat {which are gross btw}, but he still ate his bowl full, like always, I call him the garbage disposal :] With three women in the house, he tends to get our leftovers, guess that is why he has trouble losing weight.


My sweet mom, immediately liked the cereal as soon as she put it in her mouth, just like she usually does when I hand her something. Even if she doesn’t like it, she automatically finds something good to say about it. My grandpa that I mentioned above is actually her father, so maybe their taste buds are similar.

We also tried the Almond and Strawberry flavors, and so far the Almond is a winner with everyone!

Overall Rating


All in all a great cereal, and an awesome company. I look forward to seeing and trying other flavors that they develop.

Learn more about Honey Bunches of Oats.


  1. Mmmmm strawberry sounds good.

  2. I love honey bunches of oats!! So yummy!

  3. Honey Bunches of Oats are delicious!! And they are so much better for you than other cereals... By the way... I love the little bowl that says "bowl" on it... Soooo adorable!!!

  4. i love this cereal! i love the vanilla bunches!


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