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{Sponsor Spotlight} Zookies Crafts


Family owned and operated store. Products can be purchased locally at Spoiled Silly in Lititz and Carla's Diapers in Millersville. Also available at Sweet Pea Diaper Service in Rochester, NY;

Cutie Poops and Bottoms in Orland Park, IL; Baby Bum Boutique in the UK.

Zookie graciously sent me the following size medium, Argyle Cover, in Aplix.


Ease of Use

This is my second diaper COVER ever! Sure we all think that the diapers are easier to use than the covers, but that is not entirely true. With the diapers we have to worry about stuffing and un-stuffing. With this cover all you have to do is prep it and then lay it flat and place an insert on it and then place under baby, snap and go. Also when it is time to change baby, you could just empty the insert into the wash or pail, and then re-use the shell. Easy peasy!



The cover that we reviewed is a size medium - 17" rise (15-25lbs). Natalie is 10 months and is weighing a little over 22lbs, and we had not problems with fitting issues, and this cover will surely last longer on her than 25lbs.


Seeing how each baby is made differently, these are the different sizes that this medium cover can go.


As you can see it is able to go a lot smaller for those with skinner thighs and bigger for those that are a little chunkier :]


The cover comes without an insert, so you will need to make sure that you have one on hand. I used this cover along with a normal sized microfiber insert and had no problems with leakage during the day.


Washing and Drying

With most aplix {velcro} closures, they tend to get “dirty” or “stuck” to everything while washing, but Zookies has taken care of that problem by adding laundry tabs on the inside of the cover.

cloth diaper cover -  remix - S,M,L - custom made

Just simply Velcro the tabs to the inside, and toss in the washer with no worries!

I first prepped this cover by washing it 3-5 times on a hot/cold cycle with my cloth diaper safe detergent and then sun dried. Zookies recommends to tumble dry at least once, to make sure that all closures are closed from sewing.

After washing this cover well over 10 times, I did not have any bleeding of covers, and neither did it fade.

Appearance, Quality, and Style

I was really amazed at the style and quality of this cover. There are so many covers out there that feel cheap and the color is just off, but not with Zookies! Her covers are a thick cotton print that is true to color, and it is really heavy duty and will last you through many uses {as long as it is properly taken care of}. I love the way it looks on little one’s bum.


Zookies also offers many other colors and styles, and they even offer matching shirts!

Baby's First Birthday -  Remix - matching tee and diaper cover set


One Zookie Cover = $15

Overall Rating


All in all, I love my diaper cover, and there is nothing that I would change!!


Buy It! Buy your very own ZookiesCrafts creation.

Can’t get enough of these cute covers? Visit Zookie at…

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  1. I know where I am buying some covers with this new baby of mine due in February! Well, I better go check the store first and see if they stock newborn or really small covers. My babies are born small at full-term, leaving the hospital under 6 pounds lol.

  2. umm, that argyle is seriously adorable! And coordinating shirts?! LOVE these! :D

  3. what a super cute cover! I am a huge fan of covers!! Awesome and super trim!


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