Monday, June 4, 2012

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What are Taggies™?

Inspired by her children’s affection and attachment to smooth, satiny looped tags, a real mom nurtured Taggies from an idea to a "must have" item for little ones around the world! For well over a decade now, babies and children have been comforted by their soft, colorful and comforting Taggies. Every Taggies product offers children a varied assortment of printed and textured tags to explore and enjoy!

Why Tags?

Universally, children feel calm, safe, and comforted when repeatedly rubbing a silky tag together. They love studying, playing with, and reaching for colorful, looped ribbons with various textures and vibrant patterns. Touching and putting their fingers through the tags while exploring characters and prints offers them endless opportunities for simple play and snuggle time!

We were sent the following Little Taggie to try out!


This taggie measures 12”x12”, is machine washable, and provides so much fun. The colors are truly eye catching and the tags are fun to play with.


I have this saying, and it goes like this, if it can’t be washed then it can’t be played with. I have this need to was all our baby clothes, whether it is in the sink or the machine.

I was excited to learn that this little taggie was not only okay to wash but it was also recommended. Once I received it, I washed and dried it, and then handed it over to lil bit to play with.


Yes, I know that she is wearing a sposie, but this was taken right after her moma dropped her off at my house, and I was going through the items to take pictures of, and I didn’t change her into cloth until after I took the picture :]

She was immediately drawn to the taggie and kept in her hands the whole time. It actually kept her quiet and calm throughout the whole changing diaper and clothes ordeal. Which is a big plus, especially when you have a squirmy little one.

This has easily became one of the most sought out baby toy that we have. It is usually the last in the toy box, and the first out. While she is here, it is most seldom found lying on the bed, so that it can be there for when she needs to be changed.

Appearance, Quality, Style

This taggie is so cute! I love the different colors and the designs on the tags. It is fun to look at them all and point the out to her.

The quality is another thing that I love about the Kids II products. I have had numerous items and toys from them that I have received in the past, and we are still using them till this day with hardly any signs of wear!

Little Taggies offer many different types and styles of Taggies.

I like this one!

Peek a Boo™ - Rubbina the Giraffe


ONE Little Taggie retails for $8.99 on Amazon

Overall Rating


Overall I am so happy about our Little Taggie addition and the fact that it keeps baby calm during changes. Taggies are sure to be a brand that will be around for generations to come!


Buy It! Buy your very own Little Taggie for a retail value of $8.99 on Amazon.

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  1. These little blankets look great! They are perfect for on-the-go!

  2. I love Taggies. With my daughter, I bought her a taggies blanket that is pink with a cute leopard on it. I paid more to get her name on it. With my son, an online mom friend made my son a Taggies while I was pregnant with him. :)

  3. Taggies are a staple! Every child loves them!!! I wish I had invented this amazing concept! :)

  4. ive seen a lot of kids who loves these!


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