Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Announcements {11-29-11}

Hi everyone! I just want to say welcome to all the new followers and thanks so much for being a reader of my blog. I have a few announcements today. One being that I apoligize for not being around lately, with Thanksgiving and the fact that my lil sis was home all week from school for the holiday, left me with no time to spend with you all. I just want you to know that I am back and ready to share some things with you all. 

#2 - Most of you are probably wondering where your prizes are that you have won. After quitting my job and starting school full time, I cannot get them all out at once. I am expecting my student loan money to come in around February 2nd and hopefully I can get them out some time soon. If you have not already received your prize then once again I am sorry and just know that it is ready to go and I am just waiting for some shipping money :]

#3 - When I first started blogging a year ago I wanted it to be about nothing but books. So I meet all of you wonderful readers. As I started visiting other blogs and meeting more and more wonderful people; it made me want to include more than just books on my blog. Reading is great, don't get me wrong, but life is so much more interesting and fun. I want to create a place where I can share my thoughts, crafts, projects, ideas, and family life all in one place, so with those thoughts...Ashley Suzanne {the blog} was born, or re-born for that matter. I completely understand if any of you do not want to read a blog that has all of that in there, but I promise you that I will not completely through out the books, I will still be reading and reviewing and doing book giveaways, that will just not be all I post though.

#4 - Also for the potential businesses that are thinking about using me as a reviewer, please note that I do not ONLY review books, but also any and everything else. Just because I have a book review posted as the first post please don't take this as it is the only thing I review.

#5 - For all my lovely readers out there who truly participate and thoroughly enjoy reading my blog and visits often, not only when I have giveaways, what are your thoughts about the blog? Hate it? Love it? What would you change?

#6 - This may be the MOST IMPORTANT announcement! Fall 2012 I hope to begin Nursing classes! So that means for the next 2 years I will not have a life at all. Which will also mean that I will not be able to blog as often. I hope to be able to spend my weekends catching up and blogging some. I WANT your help for GUEST POSTs!!! This would be great publicity for you and your site, blog, etc. Please email me at ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com if you are interested!

Thanks for stopping by!
- A


  1. Wow! You had a lot to say and made up for a few days away. (-;

    Hope time with family was special. Congrats on getting into the nursing program.

    I don't have many suggestions for blog posts by guest. At one site I visit, they have a special 'readers' post which is when they ask a faithful blog follower if they would like to post on a suggested general topic which would be submitted to you.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Congrats on the nursing program! It will great but hard! My sister is a nurse as well some other friends and they LOVE it!


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