Wednesday, November 16, 2011

21st Birthday Bash {Giveaway Page}

Hey all! I am gearing up for my birthday bash that will be taking place on the 12th-14th. My birthday falls on that Sunday the 13th! This page is where I, and you will link up the giveaways that will be happening randomly throughout the day. Now I won't be able to do much on Saturday because I am going to be PARTYING!!!

I really hope you all enjoy this giveaway event and I hope it goes as smoothly as Princess Bookie's Contest Craze did {after all it will be in that format}. Please follow the rules and only enter if you are legible. Most of these giveaways are not coming from me, but from authors.

I am also needing a HUGE help with the shipping costs for me to ship out the books. I am offering up a giveaway for a chance to win 3 new releases for those that donate.


- Shifting {Spotlight}{Giveaway
- Believe Ornament {Giveaway}
- Body of Water {Giveaway}
- My Double Life {Giveaway}
- Solstice {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- The Education of Hailey Kendrick {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- Heavenly {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- The Shifter {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- Beyond the Grave {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- Swag Pack {Giveaway}
- Ruling Passion {Giveaway}
- Breaking Up is Hard to Do {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- Dana Designs {Spotlight}{Giveaway}
- Ecstatic Evil {Giveaway}
- Clockwork Angel {Giveaway}
- City of Bones {Giveaway}
- City of Ashes {Giveaway}
- City of Glass {Giveaway}
- City of Fallen Angels {Giveaway}
- Tell Me a Secret {Giveaway}
- The Death Catchers {Giveaway}
- Crystal Velasquez {Spotlight}
- Your Life but Cooler {Giveaway}
- Your Life but Sweeter {Giveaway}
- Your Life bu Better {Giveaway}
- Earrings {Giveaway}


  1. Just dropping by to wish you an advanced happy birthday!!

  2. Hii.Sorry for not wishing you on your birthday(i have got a problem with my computer.It took these many days to work right) :( So,Happy (belated) Birthday, Ashley and Hope you had wonderful day and lots of treats:)


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