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Haunted Halloween Giveaway: Story Contest

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  • The scary stories can be fiction or nonfiction
  • The story must have a title.
  • Stories must be at least 300 words and not to exceed 600 words.
  • Stories must be posted on your site/blog so people can vote. 


  • The covers should reflect what you would want if you were to write a scary or paranormal book. 
  • The book cover must have a title. 
  • An alias can be used as your "author name".

*Note: If you enter both the Cover contest and Story contest, you can post both entries together and they can be titled the same.
*Note: The covers will be voted on by others (not Lisa or myself). The covers with the most votes will go onto the next round. 

**If you want to participate in this contest then you can click the button above with the two girls in them.**


Gotta find the exit. I just have to. I don't want to die I am too young. He told me that it wouldn't end like this that if I just give him what he needed then he would leave me and my family alone. I have been running for nearly three days and every time I think I am safe I see his shadow again. It all started back when I met the new kid in school. He was gorgeous nonetheless. Always seemed so perfect and mysterious. Apparently my judgment was correct except for the perfect part. As I grew closer to him the more I drew away from school, friends, and even worse my family. There seemed to be something pulling me deeper into his world, something that was turning me almost invisible to the world around me. Once after I went to a party with him, we were walking back to my house. We came by the busy intersection right across from my street and he pushed me in front of an eighteen wheeler. Instead of being struck dead. It ran straight through me. It was such a rush that I immediately started craving more. Soon we started stealing everything that we could get our hands on. It never really bothered me, because seeing his satisfaction and the way he touched me was enough to make me want to do it over and over again. It was a great summer until fall came and he started asking me to still children. The first child I stole was a little girl she was so beautiful and looked like a little porcelain doll. I brought the girl back to him and he started biting her and drinking her blood. He said he needed it to stay stronger that adults were no longer enough. After seeing that I went up against him and he nearly killed me. After I was strong enough I busted out of the cell he had me in, by using my newfound powers brought on by rage. That is when he started chasing after me. You see I figured out what he needed me for. He needed me to do his stealing because I had more of a "gentler" side at least that is what he said.

I turn to the left and come to a high chain link fence. I turnaround and he is literally a few steps behind me. I try to jump the fence but I get caught halfway up on one of the links. He grabs me and that is when I feel it. His teeth biting down deep into my neck. I feel the warmth leave my body and the pain deepen. I scream out but my voice is somewhere lost between my brain and mouth. As the darkness closes in I see my life flash before my eyes. So this is how I die? No! I tell every fiber in my body to move and it does with an inhuman strength. The light comes back into my body and I feel stronger than I ever have. I reach for his neck and crush his windpipe before he even has time to react. It doesn't kill him instantly so I reach for the sterling silver knife that I always keep in my boot and I slash his throat and then stab it deep into his skin where his heart should have been. I watch him stagger to the ground and instantly die. I then set his body to flames and slowly fall to the ground and weep. What has he done to me? How will I ever survive?

So what do you all think of my short 600 word story and cover? It could have been a whole lot better but it had to be under 600 words :( LOL.


Happy Reading!

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  1. Fun story! I like how it portrays how quickly people can get sucked into something without realizing it, and then how desperate they can become to get out of such situations. Good job!


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