Monday, October 18, 2010

A Glimpse at My 20th BDAY GIVEAWAY!

I thought it would be a great idea to share with all my readers what I have planned for my 20th Birthday on November 13th.

Here is a glimpse at what will be up for grabs. This is not all of the things seeing how I am still in the process of tying some knots with other donators :D

- bookmarks and bookplates courtesy of Jen Nadol

- Bancroft Press (titles may include Butterflies in May, Thanksgiving at the Inn, etc.)

steamdesigns banner$80 shopping spree!

sewcuteOrganizer of choice! 

mamaziggyBookmark maybe?

sammisshoesJournal of choice! 

firelight Brand New (Hardback) copy of Firelight courtesy of me!

loads of swag and sugary goodies from me and various authors such as Wendy Delsol, Sophie jordan, Laura Stamps, and many more!

How would you like to receive EXTRA ENTRIES?

Right now I am in the need of a button to spread around. If any of you would be interested in making one then I will send you each a swag pack as well as give you extra entries! All you will need to do is make me a button to use for the event. It will need to include I unique title such as:

Look Who’s Turning 20! 300+ Follower GIVEAWAY! Nov 13- Dec 13th.

Something along those lines. I am leaving it completely up to you. Be as creative as possible. Winner will be chose by me!


- You can make however many buttons you want just make sure to enter Mr. Linky with the link to your picture.

- International [Because the giveaway will be partially international.]

- Giveaway will end Oct 23!

So now what will you get for participating in this giveaway?

- Winner will receive +20 extra points + a bigger swag/goodie pack

- Everyone who participates will receive +10 extra points per person + a swag pack!

The swag packs will include some signed swag of The Stork, as well as some others that are unsigned, also will come with sugary goodies of your choosing!

If you are interested in creating a button then you can add your entry to the Mr. linky here!

Please spread the word! It will not gain you extra entries, but it will mean the world to me!

Help me celebrate and make the best of my reaching another decade :D


Happy Reading!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashley. That is my daughter's birthday as well and she will be 10. What is interesting about her birthdate is that on Nov 13 in 2013 she will turn 13. Weird,huh?

  2. Happy pre-birthday Ashley! Love what you've done with the blog to seasonify it.

    Did you get my package as yet?


  3. Hi Ashley, great blog! Very spooky. ;) Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Ashley ~ I'll donate a book for a giveaway.


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