Saturday, October 2, 2010

Contest Craze Mini Challenge 3


This Mini Challenge Consists Of:

  -Book Synopsis


- Write A Blog Post Containing A Book Synopsis Of A Book You Wish Would Be Written.

      -Example:  If you really loved Before I Fall, you would write a synopsis for Before I Fall #2 .

              - Not allowed to write a synopsis for a book that has a sequel already planned so do your research! 


Surprise ARC Prize Pack

                        This Idea Was Brought To You By  Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit!

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This would be for the sequel to Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin.

“It is now a year after the horrific killing of Avery’s parents. The killer has been caught and dealt with. Avery is still trying to work out her relationship with her grandmother and boyfriend Ben. As if that wasn’t enough Avery is changing and doesn’t know what into. All she knows is that somehow the forest is connected to her and that there is this power stirring around inside of her. Can Avery completely grasp her new found power while trying to be a good granddaughter, girlfriend, and student or will something have to give and if so what? Not only that but she also has a secret one that is not hers to tell. How will she cope with all these secrets without exploding? Make sure to check out this new sequel to Low Red Moon, to find out what Avery is turning into and what will happen to her life.”

Okay. That was the end. I know it’s horrible. Right?


Happy Reading!

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