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Etsy Review: StampOutOnline


Shop Bio

“I can’t thank you enough for stopping by, I think everything happens for a reason and if you are reading this I ask that you don’t look any further for that custom rubber stamp you have been wanting! I’ve been designing and manufacturing stamps for over 10 years now. I have found that if you describe for me what you are looking for I can usually get fairly close within a few proofs. I know fonts, I have a lot of stamp graphics in my library and lots of experience. In a nutshell you have my business experience and qualifications that you don't need to look any further for your stamp maker!

My name is Lisa, I’m a full time wife which takes up a majority of my energy, oh, I have three children too. LOL! I have a 9 year old boy and two little girls 6 and 3. They are all very active children involved in lots of activities as I’m sure all moms can relate. My husband and I have recently reversed rolls and I’m given an exciting and very scary opportunity to see if I can turn Stamp Out into something “MUCH BIGGER”. I’m going to need all of your help in referrals when you are happy with your purchase. I have owned the stamp shop for over 10 years which I purchased from my uncle who owned it 25 years, at the time it was primarily only business stamps . I quickly learned that I couldn’t run it by myself and immediately did what I always do when I get myself in over my head…”MOM, you need to get down here and help me out!” I’ve held her hostage ever since and I can’t do it without her. I soon tired of business stamps (although it is still a large part of the business, it is not my passion like the crafty stamps are) and sought out a forum for the cute, crafty, whimsical, custom stamps. I LOVE the Etsy forum. I enjoy the high class and caliber of the Etsy shopper. Etsy shoppers have proven time and time again to show respect and admiration for high quality products and other peoples talents.
Once you place your order with Stampoutonline I will send you your proof for your approval (on custom stamps) Once you approve the proof, some of my best friends from elementary school and my mom, work super hard 5 days a week manufacturing and shipping out your stamps. Well…. they work really hard until school pick up, not too hard on early out days, not at all on school holidays, of course they have volunteer hours in the class room that they take time off for, when their kids forget their homework they will “be right back” and they stop at 11:00 to go get their salad and diet coke from the world’s best produce shop next to Stamp Out. So for the most part our turnaround time is “next day” and you will receive your custom stamp about 3 days after you approve the proof, but as you can see if the line is long at the salad shop it just might not make it in the mail that day.

All joking aside, Stampoutonline will prove to be the quickest turnaround time for high quality custom stamps that you will find on the anywhere on the internet.”

I found this amazing shop the other day while browsing around Etsy. She has the most gorgeous stamps that I have ever seen. They are extremely great quality are are easy to clean. Here is a few item examples as well as their description. Also included is the stamp I received:

il_430xN.178973828get_convo_image.php [This was the image that was on the stamp I received.]

il_430xN.176996986Above is all the different color of ink that you can receive for your stamp. 

il_430xN.176136461 il_430xN.171520407 il_430xN.171658365

Above are the ways to have your stamp mounted. It could be on glass where you can see where you are stamping it, or self inked like the second picture where the ink is already in the stamp, or like the third picture is can be on a wooden stamp. In my case I chose the clear stamp so that I could tell where I was posting the stamp and whether or not I had it up side down.

I will say that I believe by purchasing a stamp from this Etsy shop that it will save you time and money, by not having to write or purchase paper labels. Also by using a stamp you will not have to worry about your address label coming off or your handwriting be illegible for the post carrier. Another thing is these stamps can be unique and they are great conversation starters at the post office :D.

I was very pleased with the stamp I received. Not only did I receive it in excellent condition, but I love using it over and over and showing to anyone who will listen. In order to clean the stamp all you have to do is wipe it off. I was amazed at how easy the clean up was. These stamps could put and end to all our mailing problems and make life a little bit easier.

If you would like to, and I extremely encourage you, check out this Etsy shop then click on the banner at the top!!


Tell us a little about yourself, the seller behind the store.

I’m a girl, a wife, a mother, a daughter, an auntie, a friend and a business owner, Most of all I’m just a girl who wakes up in the morning with the intentions of making the most out of my day! Some days I accomplish that and some days I don’t.

What's your store about? What do you typically sell or sell the most?

I design and manufacture custom rubber stamps. I bought the business about 11 years ago from my uncle who sold  B O R I N G business stamps. I learned the business discovered etsy and people who want custom F U N, P R E T T Y, W H I M S I C A L, rubber stamps. I realized I found my happiness my dream job! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to create

Why did you decide to open a shop?

I love that I can create my product for anyone with power of etsy and online shopping.

What does your shop mean to you?

A lot! I laugh at how far I’ve come. When I started I didn’t know how to turn my images into Jpegs. I would make a stamp, stamp the stamp and take a picture of the image and then list it. I’ve learned so much and it has been an 11 year work in progress. I’m nowhere near where I plan to go but I’m having a blast in the process with best friends from elementary school, creative girlfriends, and my family helping me out in all aspects of my career and life, the possibilities are endless…I look forward to each day and the new custom request that will come in.

Random Questions, pick one or as many as you like and tell why.

Crayons or Color Pencils: COLOR PINCILS, I love to color pattern coloring pages with super high quality color pencils.

Pink or Blue: this one is easy…PINK!

Flip Flops or Sneakers: FLIP FLOPS everyday of the year all year long.


Happy Reading!

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