Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Re-Post}: School Supply Donations!

This is a re-post from Life's A Journal!

Remember that tornado that ripped through North Minneapolis earlier this summer? Just checking, because I feel like that tragedy has often been overlooked as summer has moved on. But summer has moved on, and the start of a new school year is just around the corner and the community of North Minneapolis could benefit from the donation of school supplies. With homes to repair, and lives to piece back together, school supplies are not at the top of every family’s shopping list.
If you have any of the following items you can donate, it would be greatly appreciated:
  • Loose-leaf Paper
  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Binders
My dear friend, Sigrid, is a teacher at Lucy Laney, and I’m making it my personal goal to donate 10 binders with necessary supplies. I know her and her students would appreciate anything you might be able to donate. Donations can be taken/sent directly to the school:
Lucy Craft Laney
3333 Penn Ave. No.
Minneapolis, MN 55412
I think that this is a great idea and I plan to make a few notebooks and send them to this class that is in need of them. After all what is a couple of dollars at the dollar tree? I also love buying school supplies and I know that these children who get the same joy that I would get if I was to receive some school supplies. Just think what a great ministry tool this would be to not only the children, but the parents as well? If you feel like you are not able to go out and buy the supplies then I am sure a money donation would go a long ways also :]

Hope that some you decide to participate!

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  1. Hi! I am so excited to see this! I'm back in my classroom today--and driving through North Minneapolis looks as if things haven't changed much. There are so many homes with tarp on the roof, and many homes that have been condemned. Many of my families are still in homeless shelters. Again, anything that is donated will be put to great use.

    Please make sure that anyone who sends donations should put my name directly on the box (Sigrid Espe), so I know who to write thank-yous to!!


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