Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today’s Project {1} Fabric Storage Basket {UPDATED)

Want to see what I have plan to work on today?

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I am going to try and do some fabric storage basics for all my fluff, out of this fabric below. Want to join along then you can check it out here!


But before I get to tackle that task above, I first have to tackle this chore below.



So it is 11:38 AM, lets see how long it takes for me to finish the whole project including cleaning!

Ready! Set! Go!

ashley suzanne



Well. Here is my update on this project. Noticed how I said that I started at 11:38 AM? Well didn’t get finished until 7 PM {including lunch and bathroom breaks}. This was so hard to do. The first thing that got me was trying to get the bottom sew on. I basically had to spilt my corners and then sew. Once I got the bottom on, I then had trouble trying to get the bias tape sewn on. The tutorial says to make your own out of coordinating fabric, but I wasn’t patience enough, so I ended using yellow from a previous project.

The next thing that I had a problem with was trying to sew the bias tape around the top of the box with the cardboard in the slots. I could not get it to work with my sewing machine. So I took the cardboard out and replaced it with two pieces of cardstock and then folded down my edges are sewed through the cardstock.

All in all this was pretty difficult, but I like the way that it ended up, and it serves its purpose!


Not too shabby for my first try! It is even collapsible! And it has just enough room for my fluff!


All in all I just wish I would have made it bigger! Before I forget here is my desk!


I know, still messy, but at least you can see the desk and sewing machine!

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  1. Such a cute basket! Hope you got all your goals done today.


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