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Baby Babü

Founded in Melbourne, Florida, by the parents of twin boys, Baby Babu’s goals are to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide.


In addition to our core goals, Baby Babu will strive to provide the highest degree of customer service and the highest quality products available.


We appreciate any and all input from our customers, so please feel free to drop us a line anytime Typically, all emails will be responded to within several hours.


We look forward to making the world just a little bit greener with you!

You may remember the review that I did at the beginning of May for Baby Babu and their cover. I really love their diaper covers and now I am here to share with you my love for their cloth diapers. I was sent the following Baby Babu Polka Dot One Size Diaper to review. It fits babies from 8-35+ lbs and comes with one microfiber insert.

Ease of Use


This diaper is so easy to use! It has two openings for the insert. One in the back and one in the front. It snaps in the front, leaving the back free, that way you wont have to worry about getting dirty hands when baby has a blowout. Simply place the insert into the pocket, snap at the front, hold baby down and put it on, and then you are free to go. Couldn’t get any simpler. The snaps are not extremely hard to button or fasten for me, as they would be for a little one, and it takes away stress with trying to get it on with a wiggly baby.


This diaper, like stated above, is a One Size Pocket diaper that fits babies from 8-35+ lbs. Natalie is around 19 lbs at the time, and it fits her perfectly on the medium rise setting. Just know that what and how it fits her may differ from your little one. The double gussets provide a nice trim fit around her thighs and allows for all messes to be contained.


Left = Smallest size, Right = Largest size

As you can see this diaper can become pretty tiny. That way it can fit even the smallest little ones. With this one sized diaper you don’t have to worry about purchasing different sized diapers, since this will last you from birth to potty.



I only used the one insert during the day and it held up like a champ against my Olympic wetter. The double gussets really did their job plus more.

Washing and Drying

Washing and drying is such a breeze, just like it is with most cloth diapers. Except! Baby Babu’s Pocket Diapers have a neat feature that allows the diaper to self-agitate, or to un-stuff itself in the washer. Just dispose of any poopies in the toilet, toss the diaper in the washing machine and that’s it! It cleans itself, almost. The color also stays true to itself and I do not have to worry about any fading. I use Rockin Green Classic Rock in Rage Against the Raspberry to wash and then line dry the cover and tumble dry the insert.


The diapers come in so many different designs fro polka dots, to fuzzy cows, to alien bums. Plus who can resist a happy baby in her polka dot undies?



For ONE Baby Babu OS Pocket Diaper the cost is $11.99. After researching some of the other prices for cloth diapers. I think that this is a great price! Also not many other cloths have the double gusset and double openings.

Overall Rating


Amazing diaper, fast customer service = an AWESOME experience!


Buy It! Buy your very own Baby Babu cloth diaper for a retail value of $11.99.

WIN IT! One lucky winner will receive their very own Baby Babu cloth diaper in their choice of print during the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Event on May 22nd!

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  2. Wow I am in love with the features of this diaper! The double openings for the insert is GENIUS! I also like that it unstuffs itself. My husband has a REALLY bad habit of forgetting to pull the inserts out of the diaper before he loads them in the washer! That price is amazing too. Thanks for sharing.


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