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Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} La Mode Baby Boutique

La Mode Baby Boutique is an at home based shop in my home in North Platte, NE. The shop was opened in January of 2011 with the desire to create one of a kind, hand made baby boutique items, that are stylish and chic, but are affordable and have ease of care.

As a parent of four children myself, I remember how hard it was for me, browsing online, or in the mall, perusing all of the adorable clothing, the chic bedding, the natural woods, and thinking "How will I ever be able to afford this?" As parents, we all want the very best for our babies, and at La Mode, affordability meets posh design and combines to bring you hand made, unique items that use the latest and trendy fabrics, but cost a fraction of the price you'd pay in a posh designer boutique.

By running the shop from my home, I can not only provide a level of customer service not usually seen in big box stores, I also bring my creativity and touch of whimsy to each and every product I produce.

La Mode Baby Boutique has generously sent me the following pack of 9 wipes in the Riley Blake Indian Summer print!


I was so excited when I first opened my pack and saw these little cuties! They are truly high quality! Not only do I love the print, but I also love the thickness of them. They are not too thick, but thick enough that it allows you to get even the messiest messes cleaned :]

La Mode Baby Boutique has a few principles…

Unique. At La Mode, there is no "run of the mill" because there is no mill. Because there is no brick and mortar store, I can bring you items that for others, may be off limits due to price. I specialize in those every day items, burp cloths, bibs, blankets, crib bedding, etc. Those are the items that we all need, and that we all want to be functional, affordable and yet as trendy and adorable as possible! I use the cutest fabrics out there, from names like Riley Blake, Michael Miller and P Kauffman.

Affordability. At La Mode, there is no need for markup on my items, because there is no overheard. This savings, I pass on to you, the customer and your lovely little ones. Why should a blanket, cost you, more than 5 times what it costs to produce it? It's a question I've asked myself many a time, during my own baby shopping excursions. As a seamstress, I would shop, find what I liked, and then come home, and use the fabrics I loved, to make my own unique items, at a fraction of the cost the big posh designer boutiques wanted. This is what I pass on to you.

Peace of Mind. Everyone wants it right? We all want to rest and relax knowing we've done the best we could, by ourselves, by our babies and by our pocketbooks. At La Mode, you can have peace of mind those things are just what you'll receive with every purchase you make. Our items are handcrafted with durability, strength and ease of care in mind. There is no dry cleaning our products, or taking extra time out of your day to clean sometime "with care". Lets face it, babies are messy. They spit up, they poo, and repeat. Our products are made with that in mind, simply pre-treat, toss in the washer with your favorite detergent and then dry. More time for you to spend with baby, instead of spending on laundry and cleaning! You can also have peace of mind that you will get the best quality products at an affordable price.


These cloths measure 7X7 and are made of double sided 100% flannel material, to allow for the extra durability! They have many uses, such as for bathing, cleaning bums’, wiping faces, or even as everyday cloth needs.


Notice what that is in the back of the tub? Yup! You guessed it, it is one of my La Mode Baby cloth wipes! I absolutely loved the easiness of its use as a washcloth. It was soft, and held a good bit of water and soap. I also liked the fact that it covered my whole hand!

La Mode Baby Boutique not only sells cloth wipes, by she also sells custom made crib sets, such as the one below!

Buy It! Get your very own set of cloth wipes for an awesome price of $12!

WIN IT! One lucky reader will win their very own set of cloth wipes, in either, girl, boy, or neutral fabric choices during the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Hop!

Go ahead and get a head start on your extra entry.

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