Sunday, May 6, 2012

{Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} CJ’s Unique Boutique

CJ’s Unique Boutique is a well renowned business for creating the world’s best BUTTer. No I don’t mean the kind that you put on your toast, but the kind that was intended for baby’s bottom. Like I said, the developer behind CJ’s intended to make BUTTer just for the bottoms, never did they guess that it would have so many different uses.
What is BUTTer?

Originally designed as an all-natural, less expensive alternative to the ointments you find on a typical grocery store shelf, our formula is unscented AND cloth diaper friendly. (None of our customers have had any staining or repelling issues.) Our BUTTer is soothing for baby and also aids in the easy, smooth clean-up of dirty diapers.

Some other uses for BUTTer…

Called a”A Miracle in a Tube” by some, CJ’s BUTTer has been used on adults and children to help relieve …

• rashes
•dry/chapped skin
•rug burns (sore ‘crawler’ knees)
• mechanics’ hands and cuticles
•hang nails

More uses for BUTTer include:

•Use it for black/mixed hair!! Leaves hair soft, shiny and helps alleviate those ‘owies’ when trying to separate locks!
•Melt a dollop under running bath water alone for a relaxing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory soak–provides relief for post-partum soreness and hemorrhoids!
•Provides protection against windburned cheeks/face and helps to relieve windburn!

Give it a try…we’re sure you’ll love it!
I was graciously sent the following to try out {all except the 4oz tube, this is for one of you!}!


I received CJ’s Original Butter in Cucumber Melon, Unscented, and Viva La Juicy + a tube of their lip balm!

The fist thing that I did was immediately smell them all, they smell wonderful! Not too strong and not too weak, but in between. I usually have a problem with scents giving me bad headaches, but not CJ’s!


Can you tell which hand has the BUTTer and which doesn’t? If you look closely you will notice that one hand seems shinier and healthier than the other – that is the AFTER {also the picture on the left}, whereas the other looks dried out and redden – that is the BEFORE aka the right hand.

Once I took the lid off of the BUTTer, I was a little skeptical that it may feel like a thick cream. I was so shocked and excited at how thin and smooth it felt. Plus once I put it on, I couldn’t even tell that it was there. It did not leave a greasy feeling like most butters do. The lip balm also felt less greasier than the leading brands.

BUTTer vs. butter
{other leading diaper rash creams}

- Not greasy and thin
- Clear and smells good
- Allows “breathing” room for baby’s bum
- Cannot tell when it gets on something, and if it does, then it will not stain or hurt it, plus for those that cloth diaper; it is easier to get out of diapers in the wash

- Greasy and thick
- White and yucky
- Thick and seems to clog baby’s bum
- Always gets on everything and hard to clean

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