Monday, October 31, 2011

Alphabeasts {Sponsor & Review}

Today I have a fun and cool product to share with you all! These little beasts are extra soft and adorable.


They have one beast for each letter in the alphabet. On one side is the capital letter and on the other is the lowercase letter. I was sent Alphie with the letter A. I absolutely love these little monsters! They are cute, soft, and they teach the young ones the letters in the alphabet!


Leave it to the experts…


Introducing Alphabeasts... plush, loveable, learning
companions created to teach children their ABC’s and
how to spell while having fun at the same time.

Each of the 26 Alphabeasts has a distinctive design
characteristic and physical attribute that makes them
unique from one another. The beasts are two-sided with
contrasting colors front and back, and are adorned with
upper and lower case alphabet characters on each side
to enhance learning and playful functionality.

Alphabeasts are designed to augment the learning process
at home or in-school. Their presence captivates children’s attention and encourages them to participate in meaningful learning experiences. Lessons, games and other activities are only limited by one’s imagination when incorporating the Alphabeasts into a child’s routine or playtime.

About the creators…

Two cool dads, one brilliant idea, 26 irresistible creatures. Fathers Andy Ferguson and Chad Whitman truly understand the importance of education, parent and child interaction, imaginative play and learning through fun. It was their desire and passion to create a line that provided fun while learning. And so they did. Today, they are proud to introduce Alphabeasts, the new learning companions. Andy and Chad encourage you to share the joy, fun, play, love and learning experiences these adorable beasts have to offer.

These little Alphabeasts are not only adorable, but they also make learning fun. Imagine having a child who doesn’t argue when its time to learn the alphabet. Instead you could tell them to go get Alphie and reward them if they bring back the right letter, or maybe you could even have a hide and go seek and let them find the letters and then explain to them what they are. There are just endless possibilities when it comes to the Alphabeasts!
On their website they even have activities that children can enjoy and there are even fun videos to watch!
Playtime photo
Stick around for the Under the Tree Giveaway on Nov. 8th for your very own chance to win a beast of your own!
Ashley Suzanne

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