Saturday, October 1, 2011

Contest Craze {Favorites}

Hosted by Princess Bookie!

It's another fun Mini Challenge!!! This Mini Challenge is all about the books you read this year!!!

Challenge: Write up a blog post telling me the top 5 books you read in 2011 that you loved! That were your favorite!

Be creative! Include images, summaries, or comments on why you enjoyed them.

Don't forget to link your blog post!!!

Prize: Mystery Prize Pack of books
-Winner Picked using randomorg

-Mini Challenges will end randomly, so get your entry in asap!

These are in no particular order.
She Smells the Dead bull rider Copy of 7638313 Crave Fogotten frost 1 Glass House 
Okay, so that is more than five, but I love just about every book I read. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t read it, right?


  1. I've read forgotten and thought it was a really cute book, great list. Here's mine

  2. I haven't read any of your books. I should take a look at them though. Here are my favorites: Books of 2011

  3. Loved Forgotten, and Stork (plus Wendy) is an all-time favorite!

    Here's mine, if you're interested:


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