Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Room Re-Organization

So later today, tonight, whatever time it was I decided to do something crazy; I re-organized and straightened up my room! Wanna take a peek at the before pictures? Probably not, but here they are:



DSCN1211 DSCN1205 DSCN1206 DSCN1207 DSCN1208 DSCN1209 DSCN1210

I thought I would include some pictures of my little doggy who likes to help (or get in the way like a two year old :])



DSCN1238 DSCN1230 DSCN1231 DSCN1232 DSCN1233 DSCN1234 DSCN1235 DSCN1236 DSCN1237


So what are your thoughts? I am completely excited to be able to see my green carpet again (whoever thought that I would say that?)! I also went thru my white tub and cleaned it out and straightened it up. DO you see the big gray tub in the second after picture? It is full completely of arts and craft stuff! That will probably be my next project! Also the last after picture is beside my desk and it holds my current projects. Now that I am no longer working, I am trying to finish all that I start so that I can start new projects!!

Thank you Pinterest!!!



Ashley Suzanne

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