Friday, October 21, 2011

AccuQuilt {Go! Baby Review & Tutorial}


As many of you may know, Ashley Suzanne is not only a place where is post my book reviews, but it is also a place where I share my projects and all the products that I love. Today I have an awesome little “baby” to share with you all.


Go Baby

That my friends is a Go! Baby fabric cutting device. Remember those die cutting machines {seem like old dinosaurs} that you can use to cut out different shapes of paper with? I remember having one at the library in high school and we used it to make decorations for the bulletin board. Well this little baby is almost like those except it is small, easy to carry, and it cuts out fabric!


Leave it to the experts…


The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is a fast, precise, affordable fabric cutter that allows quilters and fabric crafters to cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting. Perfect for the beginner and occasional quilter.

Not only is this for quilters, but you can use it in just about any everyday craft. Which leads me to my next activity, My Tutorial!
{Please bear with me this is the first tutorial I have ever written!}
I am going to go ahead and apologize for my picture taking. My camera battery decided to die, so I while it was on charged I continued taking the pictures with my camera phone.
Today I will be sharing with you all how to make a simple. easy applique shirt or onesie in this case.
1012111219 DSCN1041
sewing machine (optional)
embroidery hoop (optional)
fabric or felt
{in this case I used felt}
Heat n Bond
Step 1. Apply Heat n’ Bond to back of material!
Step 2. Cut fabric!
I loaded my fabric on top of the die, trimmed it, and then put the cutting mat on top. I must admit that getting the mat into the machine was difficult for me, because I was not doing it right {go figure!}, once I figured out how to do it, it was a breeze. It is not hard at all like you would expect it to be. After it came all the way back thru, I loaded the next color and did it all over again and volia! 6 beautiful little pumpkins.
1012111240 1012111241
Step 3. Assemble pumpkins!
Cut off the orange pumpkins’ stems, and peel the backs off of them. Iron them onto the green pumpkins.
Now take the backs off of the green pumpkins and iron them onto the onesie.
Remove the iron and you will have a cute little fall onesie.
- Before you iron the pumpkin onto the onesie give it a cute little face or even embroider a name onto it.
- Once it is attached to the onesie go back over it with the sewing machine for that extra sturdiness.
The Go! Baby fabric cutter made this project one of the simplest that I have ever done. What would have normally taken almost an hour, really only took about 10 minutes!!
I love it and I will continue to use this for years to come. No other fabric cutter can replace the love in my heart for my little “baby”!
Another neat thing about the cutter is that they have a rick-rack die! Now you can make your very own ric-rac to match any project you need!
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I hope you all enjoyed my review and tutorial and I hope it leads to many adorable outfits for you all! Be on a look out for a giveaway coming soon!
Dream. Create. Inspire!
Ashley Suzanne

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