Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haunted Halloween {Scary Story & Cover Contest}





As I close my eyes I see the hunter closing in on me. I am running for my life yet again. Stumbling through the trees and branches on all fours. When I open my eyes again I notice that I further away from safety than I want to be. He is too close for me to change back to the human state without giving away identity, not to mention the secret of wolves that generations before me have fought so hard to keep. I glance to my left and to my right. Nothing, but a snow covered terrain. No trees, no hills nothing to hide behind. The safety house is not an option. Only a coward would lead the hunter right to home base. I hear his feet getting closer and I smell the alcohol on his breath. Should I stand and fight? I close my eyes again and take in more of his appearance. He stands around 6'7, maybe 280, and moving faster than what is humanely possible. His kind is known as Shivpacks. They have been hunting our kind from the beginning of ages. They take their victims and suck out their very soul, leaving you alive, but wishing you were dead. There is no other option so I decide to take a stand. I am there waiting when he gets to me. I smell excitement and then pure bloodlust as he takes in my wolf form. I back up and then lunge at him. I manage to knock him to the ground, but he won't stay down for long. I bite at him. I keep my eyes close the whole time, because that is their greatest weapon. Their eyes paralyze you, and then make it impossible for you to fight. He jabs at me and that is when I feel the intense pain of the blade, slice through my underbelly. The wound itself will heal, but the pain forces my eyes open and I find myself staring into the murderous eyes of the hunter. I immediately collapse on top of him and he pushes me to the side. He grabs me by the neck, making it even harder to grasp for air. He places his filthy lips on my mouth and sucks the very soul from me. As he pulls away I fall unconscious.

Why is it so cold? I open my to find myself lying on a snow covered ground, butt naked! Where am I? Who stole my clothes? I try to jump up, but find myself unable to. I hear a rustle of leaves. I look up into the most beautiful set of green eyes.

"Hey. Are you okay?" He says with a deep, but sexy voice.

"Um. Do I look okay? I am lying in snow with no clothes!" I say sarcastically.

"Sorry, stupid question." He begins to dig around in the backpack that I didn't even know he was carrying. He pulls out a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. "Put these on, and then we will talk."

I stand up unashamed of the fact that I was completely nude. As I stand I try to remember what I was doing before I woke up naked and the memory floods in and almost knock me to my knees. I remember the Shiv and the fact that he took my soul. "You okay?" He asks with his back to me. "Yeah. Almost done." I sound a little too high pitched. After I finish I glance over at him with his back turned and I notice the strange connection that seems to be forming and I think - Could he be the one to bring back my very soul? Or will he be the end of me, completely?

So what do you all think?
Ashley Suzanne


  1. Your story is amazing. I love it! You should post what happens next! Addicted reader here! (:

  2. I really love it Ashley!! I want to read more...will you post the rest??

  3. LOL. Thanks you guys!! I am truly flattered. I may post more, but then again I may not. It all depends. I am usually the one to think up all the great stories and play them out in my head for weeks, but I just cannot seem to write them down. Maybe I could voice record it, and then write out what I say? HMMMM....


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