Friday, October 28, 2011

Citrus Lane {Review}


Today I received a neat box through the mail. It was filled with sunscreen, a hat, a toy, and some other fun stuff for baby to use outdoors!

I would like to introduce you all to Citrus Lane, a monthly subscription service where you can receive anything from the baby shower to their toddler years. It is designed to grow with your baby and stay with the throughout. It provides some of the key things that they made need.


Leave it to the Experts…


We think of our monthly boxes as care packages for parents! With a subscription to Citrus Lane, you'll receive a monthly box filled with 4-5 healthy and delightful baby products recommended and reviewed by real moms.  The goodies inside will be tailored to the age of your child. We're dedicated to helping parents discover the best baby products on the market. Sometimes it's an undiscovered gem that catches our eye. Other times, it's a tried-and-true parent favorite. Either way, we're looking for that certain something - a wow-factor that makes us say, "Ah-ha! Now this is something every parent should know about!"

Example boxes…
Deluxe Shower
shower box for boys
Welcome Baby – Month 1
welcome home box
Starting Solids – Month 5
starting solids box
Bedtime Play – Year 2
bath and brushing
So as you can see these boxes come fully equipped with all things baby, but in my little box I received there was even a little snack for moma! Just what we need for that extra boost while chasing the little ones. Not only would these boxes be fun to receive ourselves, but they also would be neat gifts to give to a mommy-to-be! Now she will have what she needs each month while the baby grows.
Citrus lane is offering up a 50% off coupon code for the first box, so now instead of the normal $25, your first box will only be $12.50!! That is a complete steal! Just click on the link subscribe below and then enter in this code…CITRUSHALF
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