Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surprise Package Exchange!

I am not sure how many of you have seen the new unique surprise package subscriptions. The name of the company is Fair Ivy, fair ivy sends surprise packages to your door every month! The items are handpicked, often handmade, & always cute and fun! They have packages for teens, women, men & even cats and dogs! :)


The reason that I decided to share this company with you all is because (1) I think it is so cool, and (2) they are having a surprise package exchange!

Essentially what it is, is you will send a surprise, and receive a surprise package from another surprise lover around the country!
Here's how it's going to work:

  • To participate:
    • You must live in the US or Canada, and be over 13 years old.  (**If you live elsewhere and wish to participate, email me anyway and if I can match you up with someone nearby, I will). 
    • Email me with your name, email and shipping address before July 15th.  
    • In your email, let me know what you are planning on sending (a picture would be great, if you can manage it).
  • The surprise item(s):
    • The cost of all your items together should be no more than $7 (You can choose something more expensive, but note that whoever sends to you may not send something as highly valued!)
    • You can make them, buy them, find them at a yard sale, etc.  Be creative and kooky!
    • Take into account the weight of your item—shipping costs depend on weight!
    • Handwrap all your items, so that your recipient can enjoy unwrapping them
  • The exchange
    • Around July 23rd I'll match you up with someone for you to ship to, and you'll be off to send your surprises around the world.  
    • When you receive your surprise, please take tons of pictures and/or a video 
    • Send them to me via my email address lucy(at), and we'll post them all for everyone to see!


Need more info? Check out their blog!

I am participating! Are you?

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