Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{About Me and My Blogs}

Tonight I felt like I needed to share with all my old and new followers how I went from Ashley's Bookshelf to Ashley Suzanne. I decided to change around my blog a bit in order to find my fit. So here are the reasons why I decided to switch everything around.

About a year or tow ago I started out as a complete book blogger and my blog was entitled Ashley's Bookshelf. As I started to grow in my blog and see other blogs besides book blogs I noticed that I wanted to review, write and share with you all different things besides books. I tried to keep the same title, but potential companies took one look at my title and thought that their products did not fit into my blog. Therefore I decided to change it to A Sew Chic Boutique.

Once I started A Sew Chic Boutique, I ran into the problem that some of my book buddies decided to unfollow because my blog no longer seemed to fit into the "book blogger" genre. I still was obsessively into books and loved reading, but it just didn't seem to fit my theme so I didn't post very much.

So after awhile I got tired of trying to "fit in" anywhere and decided to just be myself and therefore Ashley Suzanne was born! Here is where I will share any and everything that I like and feel like sharing :] Whether it is bookie love, crafts, food, or things that are happening in my life. I would love to have you all around and enjoy Ashley Suzanne with me!

Let me know all your thoughts. Have you ever tried to "fit in" a certain blog genre? What do you mostly blog about? Any trouble with your blogs or followers?


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