Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thread Holder + Tutorial

I first seen this idea while looking through different party link ups. The one that I saw was yellow and they used nails. I put my own little twist on it and I think it came out wonderful.


Wanna know how I made this little cutie? First of all you need to grab all your supplies. This is what I used, but feel free to switch it up a bit.


- Board (I got two of mine at a yard sale for $.25 cents a piece!)

- Fabric of scrapbook paper for the background (I used fabric)

- Mod Podge

- Clear Acrylic Spray

- Dowels

- Drill, Saw, and Nails

- Thread to put on when finished :]

The first step is to touch up your board if it needs it and then cut a shape of fabric or paper to mod podge to the board. Next you will need to put a layer of mod podge on your board and then lay down your material and mod podge over it. Do not worry because this dries clear. It is best if you put at least 2 coats. While it was drying I tried cutting my dowels with scissors, but it was too slow so I used and electric saw. I got my dad to “help” out with this part.


Next we started measuring where to put our dowels before we drilled the holes.

Once we got all the holes drilled we placed the dowels in and then I went back and hot glued some of the really lose ones. After all the dowels are in all that is left is to add the spools of thread on the board. If you can see in this last picture I arranged them from lightest to darkest.


So what do you all think? I am linking up to some pretty awesome parties today, if you look on the right sidebar you can see the buttons :]


  1. This is a great project. I have all of my thread sitting around in old (washed) take-out soup containers. This would be much better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So beautifully done. I love your creative take on this project. So glad I saw your link-up over at Flamingo Toes!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  3. wow. this is great and so creative. thank you so much for sharing and linking up:)

    xoxo Hanna


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