Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Diaper Cakes

Unsure of what this is above? These are my diaper cakes that I make and sell on Etsy. I made this one for my friend's baby shower. I can do them in any colors any style. You can check them out at my shop and if you are interested then maybe buy one =D If you refer someone and they buy something than I will take off $10 for the overall price. Below are more pics. I also have other products listed also.

Please let me know what you think. I absolutely love making these and they are the life of the party. =D

I extremely love making these and I wished that I had a way to sell/make more. Any ideas?


  1. Flippin adorable! I will definitely order one when my cousin gets pregnant again, she just miscarried.

  2. Oh no! How horrible! Thanks for the comment! I would love to make one for your cousin. It would be made with extra TLC as I know how hard it must be for her.


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