Monday, November 15, 2010

Samaritan's Purse

I would like to share something extremely important with you all today. it is something that God has put heavily on my heart. We have just finished the dedication of our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas child at church. For those of you who are unsure what that is you can check out there site here. While watching the videos on all the kids who are receiving the boxes it really stirred up my heart and made me think: "What am I doing here?" Why am I sitting on the sidelines worrying about a test that I have coming up when there are people and young kids out there who are starving both physically and spiritually. So I thought to myself "God what can I do? How can I help these people when I have very little money and I am still in school?" I didn't really seem to get the answer yesterday. So today while I was browsing the Internet God spoke to my heart and told me to check out there website. So I did! 

I saw many ways that I could help. They have this catalog where you can donate little money that can help save lives. Right then I felt like this was what God was leading me to do right now and then after college maybe I could travel and help out in other areas. So all I ask of you right now is to pray for me and for the work that I hope to foresee God doing in my life in the near future. Also if you are interested in helping out also you can go here.

Here is a video on what Operation Christmas Child is all about!

If you are interested in donating but are uncomfortable with putting your credit card information on the internet then you can send me check or money orders, then I will be more then happy to donate the money for you. 

If you are interested in donating for OCC next year then email me at: ashleysbookshelf[at]gmail[dot]com and I will lead you from there.

Thanks for reading what has truly been on my heart!

May God Bless You,

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