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Guest Post = Get Lit: 10 Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Get Lit: 10 Great Gift Ideas for Book Lovers
Book worms can be the hardest people to shop for.  It seems like if someone loves books, you should just be able to stroll into your local bookstore, pick up that new glossy hardcover, and your shopping is done.  The problem, of course, is that its nearly impossible to pick out something that it to that reader's tastes or that they haven't already read.  But this list is meant to help you find the perfect gift, before the huge rush of holiday shoppers (online shopping is a great alternative, too).
  1. E-reader.  Ok, a Kindle or Nook might be out of some people's price range, but I don't know any avid reader who doesn't secretly want to try out paperless technology.  E-readers also give you the option of two-gifts-in-one, by loading a few of your favorites onto the reader prior to wrapping, or including a gift certificate in the box so the reader doesn't have to wait to buy some of their favorites. 
  2. Bookmarks.  These are probably a better stocking stuffer than gift, but please point one one reader who always has a sturdy bookmark at their immediate disposal.  Most readers use scrap paper or whatever is most handy (and don't even get me started on dog-earing pages).  A few themed bookmarks, like the ones here at, will be greatly appreciated. 
  3. A funny t-shirt.  These are not only all the rage at the moment, but if you find one that perfectly fits the tastes of the reader, they'll be sure to wear it proudly.  Shirts with anything from Dr. Seuss to Jane Austen can be found on the internet.  
  4. A journal or blank book.  Chances are a reader will also like writing, and there is also a good chance they never spring for that beautiful, leather bound, embossed journal for themselves, which makes it the ideal gift.  This journal will suit a guy or girl reader.  In fact, is a great place to find gifts for everyone on your list.  
  5. "This Book Belongs to..." These book plates come as stamps, stickers, book inserts, even metal plates.  A monogrammed book plate, or one with a theme you know the reader will love, makes an excellent gift for someone with their own personal library. is a great place for home-made, high quality gifts like this. 
  6. A book light.  Every reader needs one - in fact, partners of every reader needs one!  You can pick up a book light on its own, or for a funny and useful gift, many Snuggies come with a book light, too!
  7. Book ends.  Avid readers are bound to have stacks of books piling up in all corners of the house, and book ends are a great way to turn an empty area into a space that is meant to hold books.  If you can find a book end in a theme you know the reader will love, even better. is a great place to find a variety of funny and artistic book ends.  
  8. Book tote bag.  This might seem like a silly gift, but avid readers know that hauling around their current reading list in a normal bag is a pain - mostly in your arms and shoulders.  A well-made, sturdy bag big enough to hold the Collected Works of (fill in favorite author here) is a lifesaver.  Bags with fun prints are always a hit.
  9. Collected works or boxed sets.  If the reader on your gift list has a favorite author or series, they will be sure to love the boxed set, collectors edition, or even a signed copy of the work.  This might take a little research on your end, but the joy on their face will be worth it. is still the best place to find anything book-related.  
  10. Gift Certificates.  Some people hate giving gift certificates because they feel impersonal, tacky, or lazy.  But the truth is, readers are so picky that they often prefer gift certificates!  For a more personal touch, get a gift certificate to their favorite local or used book store, or tuck the gift card into any of the other reader gifts on this list.  You can even buy them online at,, or
Jillian Gile is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your online nursing degree  for the Guide to Health Education.


  1. Great List! My hubby keeps a list of the books I want in his wallet so when he is shopping he knows exactly what to get.


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