Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 Reading Challenges hosted by The Book Vixen!

This past year I did not get a chance to participate in any year long reading challenges because I didn't start blogging until the middle of the year. Now this year I want to participate in many. Here is a preview of the ones I will be entering courtesy of The Book Vixen:

YA of the 80s and 90s Reading Challenge

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
I would love to reach for the:
I’m on fire! – Read 16+ more books
but I don't know if I will make it!
I hope to see what you all think and accomplish! 


  1. Thanks for participating in the reading challenges! I choose the I'm on fire! level too :)

  2. I didn't choose to be in this one. I chose to be in the Nicholas Sparks challenge & Off The Shelf! challenge. Good luck with yours!

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