Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Tour : The Panic Zone

The Panic Zone by Rick Mofina

A grieving mother and a relentless reporter pursue a perfect killer.


A young mother is thrown clear of the devastating car crash. Dazed, she sees a figure pull her infant son from the flames. Or does she? The police believe it's a case of trauma playing cruel tricks on the mind, until the night the grief-stricken woman hears a voice through the phone: "Your baby is alive."

The heinous act kills ten people including two journalists with the World Press Alliance news agency. Jack Gannon's first international assignment is to find out whether his colleagues were innocent victims or targets who got too close to a huge story.


Doctors are desperate to identify the mysterious cause of a cruise ship passenger's agonizing death. They turn to the world's top scientists who fear that someone has resurrected their long-buried secret research. Research that is now being used as a deadly weapon.

With millions of lives at stake, experts work frantically against time. And as an anguished mother searches for her child and Jack Gannon pursues the truth, an unstoppable force hurls them all into the panic zone

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Here is what Lisa had to say about her experiences wworking with Harlequin:

I love Harlequin because I think it’s amazing for a Canadian company to have such an international presence. Harlequin has recently branched out into different genres such as young adult, non fiction, suspense, mystery, and single title fiction and are signing great new authors in all of these categories. My favorite read right now is The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’ve never been into fairy books, but I’m hooked on this series and impressed how Kagawa brings magic to life in her tales. I personally don’t read a lot of romance novels, but Harlequin’s collection of books offers me plenty of other options.

It’s great to work in PR because I get to see the close relationships the authors have with the company and the many individuals that work here. On July 2nd, Harlequin is having their biggest party of the year at RWA (Romance Writers of America, the 30th annual conference), where authors, employees, book sellers, agents, publicists, you name it, are invited to celebrate romance novels with one of the worlds largest romance publisher’s, Harlequin.

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  1. Just hoppin' on by. Very interesting that Harlequin is branching out.


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