Friday, September 30, 2011

Contest Craze {Collection}

Hosted by Cindy @ Princess Bookie’s Reviews


Challenge: Write up a blog post telling us all about your collection. What do you collect? Why do you collect it? Feel free to post pictures of your collection. Be creative.

Don't forget to link your blog post!!!

Prize: Mystery Prize Pack of books
-Winner Picked using randomorg

-Mini Challenges will end randomly, so get your entry in asap!

What do I collect? Funny you should ask…

DSCN0955 DSCN0954

Have you figured it out yet? Hello, my name is Ashley, and yes I am a book addict, and yes I am proud :]

I collect books. YA books, anything that looks good, has a pretty cover, and sounds good!


Head over to PB’s and enter!


  1. I think just about all of us collect books, but I'm with you I love the pretty covers. They sure look nice on the bookshelves. :)

  2. I hve weent through stages in life where I collected various things. When I was a kid through teens it was teddy bears (both collectables and the actual toys), then I collected angel figurines (still have boxes of those). After that it was anything with ladybugs (vases, picture frames, ceremics, etc). Now the only thing I collect is books. Finally I have a collection that actually get used, lol. But I won't buy books based on the covers alone. I have to actually want to read the book. If I just want to look at the book cover (and some of them I do) I will just go online and look at them.
    June M.

  3. Mmhm books are completely addicting. Collecting books is 2nd on my list of collections. Great post!

    Why not check out my collection?


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