Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bright Starts: Comfort and Harmony Cozy Cart Cover

We‘ve been creating a fascinating world for babies since our founder, a grandmother, came up with a great idea to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub. That was 1969. Since then at Kids II®, even more original and inventive thinking has led to a long list of products that have revolutionized our industry and made babyhood more fun for everyone. We see it as a wonderful growth spurt that‘s allowed us to share our award-winning products with babies and parents the world over.

Bright Starts kindly sent me this Cozy Cart Cover to review right here on Ashley Suzanne.

Cozy Cart Cover™ in Calypso Blue Fashion

Provides 360° of protection for your little one! The Comfort & Harmony™ Cozy Cart Cover™ is made of plush, padded fabrics for supreme comfort while protecting baby from germs in shopping carts or restaurant high chairs.  
Features: 3 storage pockets for stashing essentials while on-the-go
Sewn in loops for attaching baby's favorite toys
Machine washable
Covers the entire shopping cart seat and restaurant high chair for the ultimate comfort and protection.

I must say that I really love the color and feel of this product material. It is soft and cool and does not get hot around baby's sensitive skin. There is no weight or height restriction and it is intended for baby's 6 months and up due to the fact that they are actually able to sit up around that time of age.

When I first saw that I received the blue cover I was a little hesitant mainly because I thought of my future little girl, and how us mothers like for our girls to be decked out in pink. Bright Starts does also offer a pink cover, but us frugal mommies like to use what we got. So I think it is safe to assume that this blue cover can go for either a boy or a girl.

I like the way that it comes with a seat belt of its own and a place to tie some toys onto it also. It also has the lovely little pockets on the back for the bottles and anything else to go. This cover is also multi-functional in the sense that it can cover up one of those ugly restuaraunt chairs that we all despise :]

Cozy Cart Cover™ in Calypso Blue FashionCozy Cart Cover™ in Calypso Blue Fashion

Speaking of using this cover at a restaurant. While I was at Shoney's I saw a lady use this same cover and I thought, "Hmm we have the same covers, how neat."

Did I also mention that it keeps our little ones germ free? I didn't. Shame on me. Here is a little video of the ones who say it best on the thought of germs on our carts.

Bright Starts is one of those baby brands that we can trust and that with be with us for more generations to come. - Ashley Suzanne


Did you like this review? Make sure to be on the look out for the next Bright Starts review of the Lion Playmate right here on Ashley Suzanne.

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