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Bright Starts: Lion in the Park Activity Gym

We‘ve been creating a fascinating world for babies since our founder, a grandmother, came up with a great idea to keep infants from slipping in the bathtub. That was 1969. Since     then at Kids II®, even more original and inventive thinking has led to a long list of products that have revolutionized our industry and made babyhood more fun for everyone. We see it as a wonderful growth spurt that‘s allowed us to share our award-winning products with babies and parents the world over.

Bright Starts has kindly sent me the following activity gym for a personal review on Ashley Suzanne with my thoughts and opinions.

Lion in the Park™ Activity Gym

Large, quilted play area and fun toys are sure to delight baby during playtime! 
Features Include: 
  • Easy to reach plush ladybug pull toy plays 4 melodies
  • Soft toy bars feature 4 additional toys: A baby-safe mirror for self discovery, colorful bead rattle, spiraling bead chaser, and bee-shaped water-filled teether
  • Includes 6 Bright Starts™ Fun Links™ for adding extra toys
  • Machine washable play mat

As you all are well aware, I hope you are , I do not have any children of my own, but I do babysit and I am around children all the time. The reason that I do not include pictures of them with the product is because of their privacy and their parents' permission.

First things first, this activity gym  is ADORABLE!!!! Well that pretty much sums up the review, right? Of course not.

When I first hear the word activity gym I think of school all over again. However this gym is not like the stinky ones that haunt us from our childhood, but it is a sweet, adorable gym with a cute little (fake!) lion. It also comes with 4 (FOUR!) additional toys and 6 (SIX!) links to add more! How cool is that? Most of the time today when you see that you are getting an activity gym it states in small letters that any toys can be included at additional prices. Not with Bright Starts, they include 4 toys (baby-safe mirror, bead rattle, bead chaser, and a bee shaped teether) and 6 links all for one low price of $29.99. What a deal.

The mat is soft and cushioned so that your itty bitty does not get sore from lying on the floor for too long, and it is also washable so that way it will keep them germ free and off of nasty floors. When I first opened the package that it came in I heard a lullaby noise and it scared me half to death. Once I realized that it was coming from the toy I was able to relax. The melodies come from the ladybug pull and they are sweet and rhythmic and do not sound like robots attacking a boombox whatsoever! Another aspect that I really enjoyed about this gym is the color of it and how it is bright and grabs baby's attention and will keep them entertained for hours.

Lion in the Park™ Activity GymLion in the Park™ Activity Gym

Once baby gets old enough and they can have tummy time then you can simply take of the soft bars and toys and allow them to have full range of the mat while still staying clean. Parents are sure to love Bright Starts: Lion in the Park Activity Gym because of the versatility and easiness of the transition from bars to no bars. 

Bright Starts is one of those baby brands that we can trust and that with be with us for more generations to come. - Ashley Suzanne

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