Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Review} Stitches by Josie–Market Tote & 2GO Key Fob

For awhile now I have really been looking into getting a Market Tote. I have seen my friends and family use them, and I thought that they were really neat, so imagine my happiness when I discovered that Stitches by Josie would agree to let me review one, along with a 2GO Key Fob!

Stitches by Josie is a boutique on Etsy, and Josie is the seller behind this fabulous store. She specializes in all things with personalization. From market totes to key fobs to shirts, she does it all! I really enjoyed working with Josie and she was always so polite and kind, plus her emails always had smiley faces in them, which of course always made me smile and giggle :]


After doing some research of market totes, I come to find that they are not at all cheap in price, but Josie’s comes at a decent price. That pack a small price for an amazing, well put together product. I have used this market tote numerous amounts of time. In fact I actually used it this past weekend on my 4 hour trip to Augusta. Not only did it manage the crazy ride, but it also manage to hold all of my clothes and personal items for a 2 day stay. I only ended up taking this tote and one “to do” bag. That is so unlike me. It held not only one outfit, but three! It held 3 shirts, 3 pants, undies, socks, medicine, chargers, shoes, shampoo, toothbrush, and so much more! The width and length of this tote also allowed enough of room so that I could neat fold up my clothes and not have to worry about them being wrinkled! The only thing that I did not care for about the tote was the fact that when I bring the two handles together at the top to velcro, the wrap with the velcro wraps around weird. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was a little weird to me. Not enough to take away from the product, but enough for me to notice it :] I also didn’t care for the way that when I do bring the handles together, the bars below them come to the middle also, making it a bit harder to keep the sides together, but again not enough to make the product flawed or anything.


What I love the most about the tote is its storage capability and the design on the front. In case you cannot see it very well it has my name and then pink and purple polka dots! So cute!


The little cutie up there and right here is called a 2GO Key Fob. It is a place for you to store all your important needs on the go. It can house your cell phone, credit cards, license and many more. I love all of the different designs to choose from and had a hard time choosing. You are also able to choose from 3 different quilting designs, and initial font, and colors. I chose a wavy like quilting that is really hard to see, but it is so neat! I love the fact this little “purse” is so easy to store and grab on your way out, not to mention that is so stylin’!


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